The Evolution of a Dish:

How to Improve Restaurant Efficiency

Running a restaurant can be a challenging task. There are so many things to think about, from food preparation to customer service. And one of the most important aspects of restaurant management is making sure that everything runs as efficiently as possible.

Let's discuss several ways that you can improve restaurant efficiency in the front and back of house and run smooth and streamlined operations.

Streamline Your Menu

One of the most important things that restaurants can do to improve efficiency is streamline the menu. Having a concise and well-organized menu will help your kitchen run more smoothly and minimize the amount of time that it takes to prepare food. When creating your menu, be sure to consider the types of dishes that are the most popular with customers and focus on those items. Additionally, make sure that all of the dishes on your menu are easy to prepare. You can develop recipes right in meez and organize the menu with recipe books.

Preparation Time

Another important factor to consider when creating your menu is the amount of time it takes to prepare each dish. You want to make sure that all of the dishes on your menu can be prepared quickly and consistently to accommodate a rush. Remember, the faster you can get food out of the kitchen and into the hands of customers, the happier they will be!

Create a Flowchart

When it comes to improving restaurant efficiency, creating a flowchart can go a long way. A flowchart will outline the order in which tasks should be completed in the restaurant and will help to ensure that everything is done in a timely and organized manner. This is especially important for busy restaurants that have a lot of orders coming in at once. You can use Docs in meez to document processes so your team can view the flowchart from their tablets or phones.

Automate Tasks

Another way to improve restaurant efficiency is to automate certain tasks. There are a number of tasks that can be automated, such as taking orders, printing receipts, and even cooking food. Automating these tasks will help to improve accuracy and speed up the ordering process. meez offers automated scaling, converting, costing and allergen alerts among its efficient features.

Label Your Equipment

In order to improve restaurant efficiency, it is important to label your equipment. This will help you to quickly find the items that you need and prevent costly mistakes. Additionally, it is a good idea to color-code your equipment so that you can easily identify which items are for the kitchen and which items are for the dining area. You can store a table of equipment and tools with their colors or codes in Docs for the back of house to view in meez.

Train Your Staff

Few things will go further toward improving efficiency in a restaurant than proper staff training. This means ensuring that your team knows how to use meez and can view slideshows of prep steps with photos and videos in each recipe. You can organize recipes by station or shift and grant each team member view or edit access as needed.

These are just a few of the ways that restaurants can improve their efficiency. Implementing these tips will help to your restaurant run more smoothly and minimize wasted time and money. meez also minimizes waste with built-in yields and saves time so you're not weighing product after prep.

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