The Evolution of a Dish:

How to Share Recipes and Collaborate with meez

Our recipe management system lets you work together as a team. Not only can you use meez as a traditional recipe tool, recipe scaling software, and to calculate food costing, but it also allows you to share recipes and collaborate across the kitchen or multiple locations as needed. Let’s take a look!

A Recipe System for Multiple Locations

With add ons, you can add locations or concepts with any meez membership. You can even save recipes to specific recipe book collections, locations and team members of a restaurant, restaurant group or enterprise. Select the concept tab in the menu at the top left corner of your meez dashboard to easily access your locations as well as their location ID in the system.

Sharing a Recipe on meez

When you share a recipe copy on meez, the person you are sending it to will no longer receive any changes or updates you make to the original recipe. This is the perfect solution for sending a basic recipe to another branch or location for them to alter or customize as needed. You can share a copy from the recipe detail page or from your home table page. On the right side of each recipe in your recipes dashboard, you'll see three dots to select for recipe sharing options.

You can alternatively share view-only access. This lets team members see a live version of the recipe without access to tinker with it. This feature is great for passing on recipes to a sous chef, line cook or prep staff. It's an essential tool for training and culinary education.

Using View-Only Access to Keep Everything Centralized

If you want to grant access to everyone on the team or across locations to see a recipe, including real-time edits, but you don’t want any team members to edit it, view-only access is the right choice. On your recipes or recipe books dashboard, go to the right of the item you wish to share, select the three dots and send a link to everyone who needs it to share view access. Anyone receiving the link will need to create a meez account to view the content.

What About Teamwork and Collaboration?

If you would like a group of people to work on the recipe together, we have a solution for that, too! Recipe organization is easy with meez. Our business and premium customers can easily add members to a team so they can use the same account.

The account admin will be able to customize which team members have view-only or edit access. From your meez home screen, click on teams, and add team members on the top right. This can impact your monthly subscription cost, so reach out to our customer success team to tailor your membership tier to your needs. You can also set up your account through the concepts menu so that people have access to locations on a need-to-know basis. We understand that not everyone needs to see the same things, so this helps keep things organized and protected.

Everyone with editor access can work on a document while the original owner account keeps overall control of the recipe or doc. People who need to see the recipes but don’t need to collaborate or change them can use viewer permissions. If you need to remove someone, simply head to the far right of their name and select remove. It’s that easy!

Can You Print Items from meez?

Yes, you can print a hard copy directly from the recipe software. You will be able to print out a single item from its detail page, bulk print items from the home table, or choose to print out a specific recipe book from its detail page. All of these options are easily accessible and intuitive through the individual page area. For step by step instructions with imagery for reference, you can always rely on our help center.

The meez Difference

We’ve developed meez to be a full-service recipe tool for chefs and culinary professionals. Create your recipe database, collaborate easily with your team, update them on changes in real-time, and use meez for recipe scaling, food costing, and all those other time-consuming tasks that are so important in a professional kitchen. We’ll help keep your operation efficient with any team size or amount of locations.

Make menus easier to execute and centralize your culinary operation with meez.

Get started with meez

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