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Our Recipe Software, Explained

Introduction to Meez

Welcome to the best recipe software that serves as a recipe costing app and more. Meez is simple, intuitive and customizable food costing software that will help you take control of your kitchen. No hassle, no fuss. Let’s take a closer look.

Our Recipe Tool Features

Recipe software programs help professional chefs and kitchens manage their food costing and recipe budget. With meez, you can intuitively store, create more and measure your recipes, knowing that the recipe database software will handle converting units or measurement, scaling and ingredient yields with each prep step. Sometimes known as cookbook software, recipe management software stores, organizes and manages your personal recipes and your establishment’s recipes, and meez makes it easier than ever to teach your team and ensure consistency with every dish, making every step of the cooking process interactive.

A kitchen with controlled costs is a thriving kitchen. When you know what ingredients you’re using, how much each costs, and how much each yields after preparation, you can analyze food cost percentage and profit. Run a slick kitchen that stays on budget without sacrificing care, passion or quality. That’s the meez difference.


Our recipe software converts and scales all measurements precisely. Scale your recipe based on how much of an ingredient you have available or how many servings you need to make, and convert the units of measurement as you need.  


Use meez to turn your notebooks, binders and files into one holistic database. You can import any recipe file type, use intelligent text entry, and add docs or notes. Our professional recipe software can sort by ingredient, allergen, instructions … even by the station where a recipe will be prepared! And your team can access recipes, training materials, photos and videos in one place.


One of the primary reasons to use recipe software is to help keep food costing under control. Why use specific recipe costing software, adding another step in the process, when you can use meez with the rest of your culinary content? The tool calculates, converts and automates for a built-in food costing database that will help you run a tight ship.


It’s never been easier to keep the team in the loop. Update cooks on recipe changes immediately by sharing a copy or view access, add team members to your Business or Premium account, and distribute menu changes to multiple locations or concepts.

Collaborate & Share

Work in the same recipe simultaneously, create new versions, share copies and ensure batch access. Stay organized and communicate within meez with recipe books, notes and docs.

Nutrition & Allergen

Allergen notifications will auto-populate as you add ingredients to a recipe, and you can connect ingredients with the corresponding USDA nutritional information to automate and print an accurate nutrition label.

How Our Recipe Software Works

Online recipe software doesn't have to be difficult to learn and implement. Meez is easy and intuitive so you can start uploading recipes and take control of your kitchen and workflow. Start with a free demo!

Upload Recipes

Copy and paste ingredients and prep steps and watch meez digitize your recipe. Or begin typing a recipe in and see how the database detects ingredients and units of measurement. You can import Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, PDFs or notes, and meez offers recipe upload services if you want to outsource this step to get started.

Get Recipe Costs

Plug in your ingredient cost using the unit of measurement you purchase by, whether a pound or a case, and watch our chef’s software make the magic happen. No need for lengthy calculations and math. Built-in yields and conversions help calculate dish costs.

Organize Recipes

Create concepts or recipe books, and organize by location, season, station or menu section. Search by ingredient, allergen or additional filters … this is chefs software built specifically for the needs of your profession.


We are so much more than recipe organizer software. Whether you need to integrate with inventory management, incorporate your purchasing system, pull data from vendors or scan invoices, meez makes the process digital and centralized.

Share, Collaborate & Train

It’s never been easier to keep everyone updated. Teams can have read-only access, or you can let them edit with real-time updates. Add tutorial videos or images to each prep step, and watch a slideshow as you prepare a recipe or plate a dish.

You’ve tried systems for inventory and back office operations, now try the best recipe software out there for your actual craft.

Get started with meez

Get started with meez

Try it for free or book a live demo with a member of our team to experience the meez difference in your kitchen

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