The Evolution of a Dish:

Recipe Management, Explained

If you're looking for recipe management software that’s easy-to-use, intuitive and will help your kitchen run its best, meez is a one-stop central database that lets you create, train, cost and deliver the dishes you want, all through one simple system. What makes a recipe management database so useful to a professional kitchen? Let’s take a look!

Recipe Management Systems: An Overview

A recipe management system involves the standardization of menu items to accurately calculate plate costs and keep an eye on how they change over time. This has typically been done manually which can be time consuming, laborious and leave the restaurant very open to error.

Yet, without accurate food costing you can’t price your menu correctly, create consistent dishes or cultivate repeat business through reliable taste. Luckily, a great recipe management system can take the burden off of your shoulders. You can harness the power of technology to help you run a tighter, more efficient kitchen while freeing up the time of key personnel and ensuring effective communication. Everyone will be empowered to work harder, faster and with clear instructions.

Recipe Management System Advantages

There are many benefits of recipe management systems over traditional food costing. Here are a few key ones to consider.

1. Save Time

Do you dread days stuck in spreadsheets desperately trying to remember how to make that last recipe? Let alone hours with a calculator and computer trying to work out precise quantities and plate costs for your dishes. Well, it’s time to forget that hassle.

Once you load your recipes in meez, you won't need complex or manual math. Instead, the recipe software will do the calculations you need from the data. Provided you keep your food costs up-to-date with receipts or invoices to indicate ingredient costs, you can return to your real passion — cooking — and let the software handle the rest.

2. Save Money

From preventing manual inaccuracies to freeing up staff time to focus on work, not food costing, meez recipe management software will help you run a tighter, leaner kitchen where no money goes to waste. And built-in ingredient yields can help prevent food waste.

Identify problem areas of the kitchen where food waste is occurring, or use the data to figure out what sells well and what can be taken off of the menu without loss. When you use the only recipe management app of its kind, you have cost savings built in.

3. Centralize and Standardize

This recipe management software also helps you get everything in one place. Your team will be cooking with the same recipe, updating the same database of recipes, and working from the same instructions rather than keeping track of binders, files and storage drives across different devices. Avoid individual interpretations of what should happen next. Easily train new staff on your current menu with photos and videos in prep steps, and tweak dishes on-the-go without worrying about having to speak to everyone on the team during their individual shifts. Run an efficient, consistent kitchen.

Introducing Meez

The recipe tool for professional chefs that does it all will help you run a tight kitchen and train staff easily, with the ability to add pictures and even tutorial videos to each step of your recipe database. Input your ingredient costs and this recipe management system will calculate the food cost percentage and profit based on the portion size and sell price. Collaborate on recipes and make sure the whole team is updated in real-time. You can even pull nutrition and allergen data at the drop of a hat! Sort recipes by contents, allergens and even station. And, every step of the way, know our automated recipe management software has your back.

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