Cost Control and Consistency: How meez Revolutionized Two Hands Hospitality

Two Hands Hospitality

Multi-Unit Restaurant Group
Culinary Director
Texas, New York, Tennessee

In this case study:

With meez’s recipe platform, CityBarbecue is able to…

  • Consistent Quality Standards: meez's recipe management tool empowers CityBarbecue to maintain and propagate their competition-quality standards across all locations.
  • Accessibility: By providing accessibility to recipes via tablets throughout the restaurants, meez ensured uniformity in recipes, improving staff satisfaction and enabling consistent execution of the brand's high-quality offerings.
  • Catering Operations Optimization: meez revolutionized CityBarbecue's catering operations. The tool enabled better preparation forecasting, allowing the company to accurately plan and prevent wastage


Two Hands Hospitality, led by Culinary Director Barney Hannegan, operates six full-service restaurants across the United States, with plans for expansion. The organization faced significant challenges in maintaining consistency and monitoring costs across its locations. They integrated meez into their operations in 2023 to streamline processes, ensure recipe uniformity, and enhance data-driven decision-making.

"meez is the backbone of our restaurant operations now. It’s taken us on a trajectory to fine-tune everything from our financials, inventory, menu costing, recipe building, and recipe testing, to training."

Challenges Before meez

  1. Manual Processes: Two Hands Hospitality previously used, which involved highly manual processes.
  2. Cost Monitoring: The lack of real time cost monitoring hindered effective financial management and menu pricing adjustments.
  3. Recipe Inconsistency: Recipes were not uniform across all locations, leading to variations in quality and presentation.
  4. Staff Training Ensuring all staff were adequately trained and adhering to recipes was challenging due to inconsistent access to updated information.


Two Hands Hospitality has achieved significant improvements in recipe costing, waste management, training efficiency, and operational unity with meez.

Real Time Costing

The ability to manage costs in real time led to significant financial benefits for the Two Hands team.

"meez more than pays for itself in the data-driven business decisions we can now make. Real time access to recipe costs has allowed for quick, informed adjustments, resulting in substantial cost savings.”

Waste Management

meez helped in controlling wastage by accurately managing prep items and usage amounts. 

“What's been most helpful is just in the last couple of weeks as we've set up meez, we've been able to control a lot more of our wastage, with expired prep items and stuff like that, like dressings and sauces. We can now pull out product mix, get the usage amount from meez, calculate how much we use, and scale the recipe down to hit the used-by date per recipe."

Training and Accountability:

Over 100 team members across various locations now use meez to enhance training and accountability among staff. Employees can access recipes and operational guidelines anytime.

“meez has made it easier to train our staff and hold them accountable to our standards. Every manager that I have shown and onboarded, they're like, 'Oh man, this is slick. This is good.​​ This consolidation has simplified the workflow and saved considerable time and effort.”

Tech Stack Unity:

Integrating meez with Restaurant365 enabled seamless operations and real time accounting.  It has enabled accurate inventory management and positive recording on P&L statements.

“Because meez integrates with Restaurant 365, that is also a game changer. We are now able to take a very accurate inventory of prep items, prepped ingredients, plus raw ingredients as well. By the end of December, we will have all those numbers recorded positively on our P&Ls."


Implementing meez into Two Hands Hospitality's operations has significantly improved consistency, cost monitoring, and overall efficiency. The ability to make data-driven decisions and the seamless integration with Restaurant365 has set the foundation for scalable growth. 

Barney's experience highlights the significant impact of a unified costing and recipe management platform on a high-performing culinary team. 

"meez has been a great tool now that it's set up, and it's the next level for scalability with our restaurant group."

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