Faster recipe execution for bakers and pastry chefs

meez provides professional bakers and pastry chefs with a powerful digital recipe tool that thinks just like they do, giving them precious time back in their day.

Trusted by 12,000+ culinary pros and 1,200+ kitchens, including:

Create organized and easy-to follow recipes

  • Calculate ingredient percentages. Format recipes using baker’s % OR total weight % alongside ingredient quantities. 
  • Locate recipes instantly. Search for any recipe by name, ingredient, allergen, and more.
  • Easily share recipes. Share recipes with friends or colleagues in just a couple clicks.
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Headache free recipe scaling and conversions

  • Reduce food and labor waste. Easily scale your recipes to the exact yield or custom batch you need.
  • Scale to an ingredient. Simply enter what you do have, and watch your recipe scale proportionately.
  • No more messy math. Our built-in ingredient database converts every unit correctly, including volume to weight.
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Straightforward recipe training

  • Training for finesse. From prep to plating, achieve consistent execution by adding photos or videos of your process.
  • Perfect your onboarding. Make new staff training easier by keeping important docs in one place.
  • Stay informed. Remain in sync as a team by notifying everyone of docs or recipe changes in real-time.
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Complete visibility into your food costs

  • Know the cost of every ingredient. Account for yield loss from prep and create custom units of measurement.
  • Simple purchase item importing. Bulk upload spreadsheets and CSVs, edit individual ingredient costs and more.
  • Determine profitability. Use our food cost calculator to understand how your food cost % changes as you adjust a recipe’s sell price.
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“meez takes it to another efficiency level by giving our recipe writer the option to choose the percentage based on 100% of total ingredients vs a Baker's convenient.” 

Ben Lee

Director of Culinary Services

“The platform has been instrumental in making it work for us not having a pastry chef on site at our current locations. The program allows me to give all the details I would in person, videos, pictures and the ability to scale recipes.”

Alessandra Altieri Lopez

Corporate Pastry Chef

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4.7 out of 5
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5 out of 5
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