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Easily organize and share recipes for training, scaling, plating, and cooking all from one place.

Powering over 1,200+ kitchens, including:

Train faster and maintain consistency

Increase staff retention turning your recipes into interactive training materials.

  • Expand your hiring pool by reducing the prior knowledge required to join your team.
  • Stop pulling chefs off the line every time you train a new hire 
  • Eliminate dish variance by adding photos and videos to your recipes

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meez training feature

Get laser accurate food costs

Know the true cost of a dish by factoring in yields, loss from prep, and different units of measurements

  • Easily cost a recipe with meez’s 2,500 built-in system ingredients
  • Quickly determine portion cost, food cost percentage, and profit per recipe
  • Connect invoices to products so ingredient costs change as the prices do
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Make the perfect amount of food

Scale recipes to the exact demand needed, even if you are low on an ingredient.

  • Dynamically batch recipes up and down with a versatile scaling solution
  • Limit food waste and labor by matching a base recipe to the forecasted PARS
  • Use any individual ingredient quantity as the scaling factor for the rest of the recipe.
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Keep your staff in the loop

Establish a single source of truth for all your recipe content to always stay in sync as a team.

  • Stay organized and easily find a recipe with smart search, filters, and recipe books.
  • Give your culinary team the ability to create and distribute recipes from the same platform.
  • Make edits to dishes and have those changes reflected for every team member.
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Green Quote Mark

We looked into many programs that were designed to be the ‘back office’ system for recipes, costing, and inventory, but none were built to be an intuitive database the way meez is.

Rick Billings
Executive Chef
Think Food Group
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4.7 out of 5
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5 out of 5
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