Gift for Chefs

Treat the chef in your life to a gift that keeps on giving: a year using the ultimate digital recipe tool.

Gift meez
gift cards for a 1-year Pro meez membership

Gifts for Chefs

Treat the chef in your life to a gift that keeps on giving: a year using the ultimate digital recipe tool.

Gift meez

Digital meez membership + chef swag

$ 165.00 USD

Surprise and delight the chef in your life with a gift they’ll actually use that's exciting to open! Complement a year of our pro plan with something tangible: the meez tote bag, a special edition Gray Kunz spoon, branded Sharpies and other kitchen essentials that a chef needs and loves.

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Give a 1-year meez membership with a digital gift card

$ 144.00 USD

E-Gift Card for a 1-Year Pro Plan: For professional chefs to digitize and organize their recipes with access to thousands of built-in ingredients, conversions and yields. The membership includes chef-tested features from costing to photo and video content. Chefs will have the option to upgrade for additional features.

This is a digital gift — meez will email the e-gift card code to the purchaser to forward or print for the chef recipient.
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Why Gift meez?

meez is the best way to organize recipes, a recipe cost calculator, a platform for food photos and videos, and a culinary operating system with recipe scaling, sharing, training and more. meez is the ubiquitous tool for chefs’ entire careers — that's infinitely simpler than software — and a unique gift for a chef.

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10% of proceeds will benefit the Independent Restaurant Coalition.

Finally a recipe tool
that does it all!


Change the amount of an individual ingredient, or your desired total yield, and the recipe scales itself with the proper unit of measure conversion.


Build and organize your database of content with recipe books and menus. Use keyword search to find what you need instantly.


meez’s built-in recipe engine contains thousands of ingredient prep yields and conversions so your recipe costing and scaling becomes a breeze. When you change your recipe in meez, your costs update in real-time.


Keep your team up-to-date with your explicit vision. Use meez ‘docs’ to create & share guides, notes, training documentation including video, imagery, links to recipes, and more.


Grant view and edit permissions to your team members, publish edits and comments, and manage multiple versions of recipes.

Finally a recipe tool that does it all!


Make precisely the amount you need. Change the quantity of any ingredient, watch your recipe scale and units convert the way you’ll actually measure them


‘Like google drive built specifically for culinary’. Search by recipe, ingredient, station, tool, allergen, instruction, and much much more!


A built in database of yields & conversions so no math needed! Costs update in real time with your purchases.


Update your team instantly with any recipe change.  Easily drag/drop video and images into every prep step.  Translate to any language.

Nutrition & Allergen

Automated allergen data populates as you add ingredients! Get USDA nutrition calculations easier than ever before

Collaborate & Share

Work in the same recipe simultaneously at different batch sizes w/ view & edit access.  Create new versions instantly.