Costing you can actually count on

Stop guessing and start knowing the true cost of a dish, accounting for yields and other factors. Get total visibility from ingredient costs straight through to your final plates.

Make better decisions about your recipes and menus

Don’t play guessing games or rely on back-of-the-napkin calculations. Leave the kitchen math to us.

Take control of your bottom line

Use the meez database of thousands of ingredients with built-in conversions, and keep profit margins and food cost percentages exactly where they need to be.

  • Know the cost of every recipe ingredient
  • Easily account for trim loss from prep
  • Seamlessly convert between weight and volume
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"It used to take me at least a week to cost a new menu and have training manuals, recipe books, allergen guides, etc. Now it's all one step and I can do it in a day."

Ross Hanson

Executive Chef, The Grizzly Paw

Straightforward purchase item importing

Calculating accurate recipe and ingredient costs has never been more important. Simply choose an importing option that’s most convenient to you.

  • Bulk upload spreadsheets and CSVs
  • Edit individual ingredient costs
  • Pull costs from back-office systems* 
  • Send invoice images directly to meez*

*Available as an add-on feature

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Make strategic choices faster

See how recipe changes impact your costs in real time. Easily adjust target food cost % and profit margin using our Food Cost Calculator. 

  • Understand cost per portion
  • Develop recipes with line-item cost visibility
  • Determine optimal sell price
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Make costing even easier with Invoice Processing

Be aware of your cost of goods at all times. Prevent errors through automatic recipe costing updates. Understand how costs (and profits!) change invoice to invoice.

  • Connect purchases to ingredients instantly 
  • See category and vendor spending breakdowns 
  • Track ingredient price fluctuations
  • Analyze your spending habits

*Available as an add-on feature

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