Scaling & Conversions

Make precisely the right amount.

Reduce food & labor waste.

Break free from the limitations of static batch sizes. Dynamically scale your recipes to the exact yield you need. Make quick adjustments on the fly when you're low on an ingredient.

No more questionable culinary math.

Let meez do the math so you can work faster, avoid errors, and cut down on food waste.

Make the recipe perfectly, even when you’re low on an ingredient.

Have a different amount of an ingredient than what the recipe calls for? Simply enter what you do have, and watch the entire recipe scale proportionately.

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“I am constantly changing the amounts of what I am cooking. That alone saves me hours with this program.”

Madeline Bache

CEO @ Sauce Boxx

Reduce food waste by making the right number of portions every time.

Need to scale a recipe up or down for service? Change the recipe’s yield and watch all the ingredients scale to match. Or create a custom batch.

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Instantly switch between units of measure. Avoid costly mistakes.

Need to switch between volume and weight? Metric and Standard? Just click a unit of measure and swap with precision! When scaling, meez is even clever enough to switch to the most appropriate unit of measure (while your spreadsheet tells you to measure out 47 teaspoons…)

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