Team Management

Keep your entire team in sync

Operate efficiently no matter the size of your team or number of locations you run. Work together seamlessly with real-time updates on recipe changes.

Ensure consistency

Avoid miscommunication. Easily make edits to dishes and have those changes reflected for every team member.

Establish a single source of truth for your team

Stop having different versions of a recipe floating around and causing issues. Tweak dishes on-the-go without having to speak to everyone on the team individually.

  • Notify staff on recipe and doc changes automatically 
  • Assign recipes to specific concepts & location teams
  • Comment within a recipe to communicate with the team
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Maintain control of recipes and prep

Give the perfect level of permissions to each team member. Determine who can make changes to recipes, share, view purchase items and more. Empower your staff to take on more responsibility. 

  • Grant viewer, editor or manager access
  • Use an R&D concept to silo work-in-progress recipes
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“We have our whole team on board, and everyone is so much happier logging onto meez, finding a recipe, and scaling recipes themselves rather than just getting sent a bunch of random google docs from me.”

Matt Northrup

Redstart Foods, Chef and Founder

Empower your team to execute perfectly

Make every step of the training process is interactive. Easily onboard new staff and prevent mistakes before they ever happen.

  • Transform recipes into training materials
  • Add videos or images to each prep step
  • Centralize training documents in meez docs
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