Recipe Training

Execute perfectly every time

Stop pulling chefs off the line. Give your back-of-house team the best possible recipe training experience.

Train your team faster

Reduce staff turnover and ramp up new employees quickly by turning your recipes into interactive training materials.

Don’t just tell—show. 

Avoid misinterpretations of recipe instructions by adding photos and videos to your recipe prep steps.

  • Standardize your recipes - No longer depend on recipe cards or printed recipe pages
  • Drive higher customer satisfaction - Eliminate dish, recipe, and technique variance
  • Create a happier team - Strengthen camaraderie by eliminating conflict over inconstant processes
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Centralize important training docs

Make onboarding new staff easier by keeping important docs organized and accessible to the team.

  • Improve kitchen management - Accelerate the new hire onboarding process
  • Expand your hiring pool - Reduce the prior knowledge required to join your team
  • Instill confidence - Easily pass on institutional knowledge and enable consistent production
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“I love how you can enter videos into the prep method… For us it’s really valuable if we’re trying to show someone how to top a cookie. When I say a “drizzle” I know exactly what I mean, but you might mean it’s something different. meez allows the recipe to show the exact technique.”

Steph Sellers

Founder @ Cookies & Dreams

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