How Abbott Laboratories Campus Cafes Have Improved Its Food Costing with Gordon Culinary Pro

Abbott Laboratories

Mike Croghan
Chef Manager
Columbus, OH

Since adopting Gordon Culinary Pro across several of their campus dining operations in early 2023, medical device and healthcare company, Abbott Laboratories, have been able to standardize its recipe management process, understand its recipe costs better, and more easily track its profits and margins.

“Gordon Culinary Pro’s user-friendly interface has enabled me and my team to navigate the program effortlessly. Unlike clunky alternatives, Gordon Culinary Pro provides a streamlined recipe creation and management system. It's very intuitive. All you have to do is go to 'New' to create a new recipe or recipe book. It’s that simple.”

Mike Croghan, Chef Manager at Abbott Laboratories, says Gordon Culinary Pro has completely revolutionized how he approaches recipe writing. Not only are their recipes better organized because they’re all in one place, but the recipe creation process itself is way easier than before. 

The platform's user-friendly nature has reduced errors and improved dish consistency across their BOH teams. Gordon Culinary Pro’s automatic saving feature has prevented data loss and allowed easy continuation of work. And the efficiency of the print feature has reduced their paper usage and eliminated unnecessary costing information, resulting in a cleaner, more efficient recipe presentation throughout the organization.

Enhanced Costing and Profitability:

With Gordon Culinary Pro, one of the biggest improvements Mike saw was in accuracy and precision in recipe costing. By inputting specific ingredient quantities and prep steps, Gordon Culinary Pro allows him to calculate exact costs, including waste considerations. 

According to Mike, Gordon Culinary Pro's ability to manipulate figures and adjust selling prices gives him the flexibility needed to optimize food costs and maximize profits. 

"I like how, as I'm adding ingredients and editing a recipe, I can simultaneously view the cost tab on the right-hand side. It allows me to see the cost input in real-time," he explained. "I love the flexibility of being able to make recipe adjustments and see the cost difference between different preparation methods. It helps us make more accurate pricing decisions for our menu."

Invoice Scanning and Processing:

Beyond costing ingredients and recipes, Abbott Laboratories utilizes invoice processing by Gordon Culinary Pro to simplify their invoice organization. This feature has eliminated the hassle of dealing with piles of paper invoices that clutter the office. 

Through the Gordon Culinary Pro platform, invoices are easily sorted and accessed based on invoice number, vendor, and category, providing efficient and organized record-keeping. By eliminating the need for manual invoice handling, the automated process streamlines Abbott Laboratories' expense management, providing them with complete control over their financial operations.

From Recipe Manager to Gordon Culinary Pro

Reflecting on the transition from Recipe Manager to Gordon Culinary Pro, Mike emphasized how the experience has been overwhelmingly positive and is a great step forward for Gordon Food Services. The move has allowed them to not only save time and money, but gain greater insight into ingredients, recipes, and menus.

"Gordon Culinary Pro takes the Recipe Manager experience to a whole new level. The partnership between meez and Gordon Culinary Pro has been hugely beneficial. The meez team understands the needs of culinary professionals as former industry people. Their support and onboarding teams are dedicated to making sure your superior recipe management and costing experience is a smooth transition."


With its user-friendly interface, precise costing capabilities, and ongoing enhancements, Gordon Culinary Pro has empowered Mike and his team to streamline operations, maximize profitability, and make data-driven decisions. 

As meez and subsequently Gordon Culinary Pro continues to evolve and introduce new features, culinary professionals can look forward to enhanced menu profitability analysis and comprehensive recipe management solutions. 

By using Gordon Culinary Pro, chefs can focus on their passion for culinary creativity, knowing that their recipe management is in capable hands. 

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