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Put all your ideas and recipes in Meez. Add videos & images. Use built-in ingredient yields, conversions, and super slick. Lorem impsum dose.

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"We execute with consistency on a level we never could before meez. We can trust that even a new cook with no experience can execute our food."
Chef Matthew Aita
Little Beet Table
"Choosing the right tool for the right job is one of the first lessons a chef learns in the kitchen. meez is an indispensable tool for organizing recipes, teaching and sharing culinary information, ensuring clear communication for creative work, and consistently producing delicious food."
Chef Mike Anthony
Gramercy Tavern
"Every Chef's Dream"
Chef Barry Tonkinson
Institue of Culinary Education
Why wE We're Here

How it works

The right tool didn't exist. So we built meez.
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Ideate & record

Brainstorm ideas and add notes, create new recipes, and easily transfer your spreadsheets, docs, and scans to meez.


Organize & search

Build and organize your database of content with recipe books and menus. Use keyword search to find what you need instantly.


Collaborate & share

Grant view and edit permissions to your team members, publish edits and comments, and manage multiple versions of recipes.


Train & execute

Keep your team up-to-date with your explicit vision. Every team member can view, scale, and convert recipes simultaneously.

Oui Chef.

Simple & Powerful

Achieve actually-accurate food costs

meez’s built-in recipe engine contains thousands of ingredient prep yields and conversions so your recipe costing and scaling becomes a breeze. When you change your recipe in meez, your costs update in real-time.

Simple & Powerful

Reduce training time and execution errors

Without visuals, your recipes can be misinterpreted. Add photos & videos to remove the guesswork for your cooks and speed up the training process.

Simple & Powerful

Make the exact amount you need

Reduce food waste and extra labor.  Make that sauce for 500 people today, and 11 people tomorrow, no problem. Change the amount of an individual ingredient, or your desired total yield, and the recipe scales itself with the proper unit of measure conversion.

Simple & Powerful

Create training docs, checklists, notes and more

Use meez ‘docs’ to create & share guides, notes, training documentation including video, imagery, links to recipes, and more.

Simple & Powerful

Turn your recipe content into your IP

meez is the home for all of your professional and personal recipes for life. And when you need to plug into an inventory/purchase system, it's 10x faster with meez.

Frequently asked questions

Other questions? Contact us.

How long does onboarding take?

Most of the time, you'll be setup in under a day. If you are a very large business with a thousand plus recipes, it could take a few days to a week. The next step is getting your team up to speed and your kitchen set up to start using meez.  We suggest using meez on tablets and phones for the best experience, but printing works great too. And our team is here to advise you on the best way to implement meez into your organization.

How do I get my recipes into meez?

Quickly and easily. Oh, you mean like how... A few ways: copy from your excel or word files, type them, or just send them our way, we can upload them for you! The faster we get your recipes in, the sooner you’ll wonder how you managed all your content before meez. And we strongly recommend adding photos and videos to your recipes, which you can do with ease in the app.

How is meez different than a restaurant management system?

Well, first off, we’re just not that.  We’re not your inventory, or your purchasing tool, or your financial reporting.  Those systems are integral and help you manage your costs. They exist to optimize your restaurant operations.

meez exists to help you and your team cook smarter.  We are focused on how you experience recipes, how you iterate, how you train, stay organized, and marshal your team to precision and proper execution. meez can certainly help you manage your costs, though our deeper aspiration is to ensure that when you want the scum skimmed from your stock or the sear on the meat to be deep golden brown, your team sees how and knows why.

The meez story

meez is inspired by the same principles applied to great cooking– an uncompromising attention to detail and a constant drive to evolve and improve.

What the team has built is the culmination of so many lessons learned from stages of my own personal experience as a chef and entrepreneur, so we thought it best to present the story of meez as a timeline.

Our hope is that meez will become the home for all of your recipes, menus, and ideas for as long as you continue to cook. And the meez team will continually strive to build new and innovative ways for you to experience and share your content.

Josh Sharkey
Founder of meez

1999-2000: The First Notebooks

I began cooking in restaurants around age 16, and in 1999, I started culinary school and cooking full-time.

I was learning so much, and I began writing down everything in a little spiral notebook: all of my ideas, what I was learning, and what I was eating and tasting. One little spiral notebook turned into 2, then 5, and soon, more than I could count.

Unfortunately for me, between my terrible handwriting and the fading paper, my early notebooks are pretty much illegible now…

2001-2008: A cook's life

I learned an unbelievable amount working in the kitchens of chef Gray Kunz, Floyd Cardoz, David Bouley and Rick Moonen.

In 2003, while working for Chef Floyd by night, I also spent my mornings working for free rinsing pig intestines in a Salumeria, so I could learn how to make charcuterie.Every meticulous detail of the process—time, temperature, humidity, proper tying and hanging, good bacteria, fat content, etc–all ended up in the notebook I was using at the time.

Then one day, while trailing at another restaurant, I lost that notebook! I was devastated and vowed to never lose a notebook or a recipe again.

And thus, the idea that would grow to become Meez, was born.

2009-2016: Running a business

In 2009 I opened a fast-casual concept called Bark Hot Dogs with a business partner. Our mission: taking the same commitment to technique we apply in fine dining to execute classic American fast food.

We quickly realized that translating technical cooking skills to a team of cooks that had never worked in a kitchen before required a methodical approach to documenting and training.

In just a single recipe like Baked Beans, a cook needed to learn to sweat an onion, cook bacon lardon, soak dried beans, clean & smoke trotters, braise, tie a proper sachet, and more–a heck of a lot, especially for someone who's never picked up a knife before.

Through this experience, the vision for meez began to expand far beyond simply capturing recipes and ideas. And thus began a new journey: aligning a love of cooking with a newfound obsession–leveraging technology to promote better cooking and have an everlasting impact on our industry.

2016-2019: Development begins

I spent the next few years researching and soliciting friends and colleagues for input on what I was building.

And with the help of a small team, I began analyzing thousands of ingredients that would eventually become the Meez ingredient database.

After sharing the vision for meez with the founders of Aurify brands, an NYC based hospitality incubator, they believed in the product enough to help fund the project.

With a long road ahead developing Meez, I also began developing menus and creating an R&D process for Aurify, eventually also becoming the COO of Aurify.

The Meez team began full-time development of the tool in 2018. Aurify to date has been instrumental in allowing Meez to incubate within a hospitality company, allowing for constant feedback and iteration.

2020: Now we're cooking

After 2 years of development, Meez is ready to be shared with the world. We're giving a number of hand-picked chefs, mixologists, and teams early access to Meez.