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meez organizes your recipes so you can document, cost, scale, train, collaborate and prep like never before.
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Built-in yields and conversions
Scale recipes by any ingredient amount
Automated allergen and nutrition info
Drag & drop photos and videos

Finally a recipe tool that does it all!


Make precisely the amount you need. Change the quantity of any ingredient, watch your recipe scale and units convert the way you’ll actually measure them


‘Like google drive built specifically for culinary’. Search by recipe, ingredient, station, tool, allergen, instruction, and much much more!


A built in database of yields & conversions so no math needed! Costs update in real time with your purchases.


Update your team instantly with any recipe change.  Easily drag/drop video and images into every prep step.  Translate to any language.

Collaborate & Share

Work in the same recipe simultaneously at different batch sizes w/ view & edit access.  Create new versions instantly.

Nutrition & Allergen

Automated allergen data populates as you add ingredients! Get USDA nutrition calculations easier than ever before


“I’m loving meez! It’s been instrumental in developing our new menu items and rolling out to the teams. The ability to push certain recipes to specific stores when we’re piloting recipes is awesome. And the ‘Docs’ feature is Huge!”

Field Failing
Founder and CEO, Fields Good Chicken

"I've done a pretty insane amount of recipe documentation while with Thomas Keller Restaurant Group and even when with Ralph Lauren, so I know all the pain points - meez really solves them for me. The platform allows me to give all the details I would in person - videos, pictures and the ability to scale recipes up and down in different ways."

Alessandra Altieri Lopez
Corporate Pastry Chef, Apicii

"Every chef's dream."

Barry Tonkinson
VP Culinary Operations, Institute of Culinary Education

How It Works

1. Upload your Recipes into meez

Access the meez ingredient database as you type or paste from any file format and watch magic happen.

2. Get your Recipes Costs

Yields and conversions are built in! Tested by the meez team. Just plug in your costs by any purchase unit.

3. Get Organized

Create recipe books, add projects, concepts, and locations. Search by any word, ingredient, instruction, allergen, station, tool, and more.

4. Get Integrated

Connect to your inventory or purchasing system, pull purchases directly from vendors, or scan invoices into meez and we'll digitize and process.

5. Share, Collaborate, and Train

Drop in videos and images to every prep step.  Add a team with read-only and edit access with real time updates to all content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does onboarding take?
How do I get my recipes into meez?
How do I get my ingredient costs into meez?
Are the built in yields and conversions customizable?
Is there a mobile app?
Can I still print recipes?
Are there any setup fees?

The meez story

meez is inspired by the same principles applied to great cooking– an uncompromising attention to detail and a constant drive to evolve and improve.

What the team has built is the culmination of so many lessons learned from stages of my own personal experience as a chef and entrepreneur, so we thought it best to present the story of meez as a timeline.

Our hope is that meez will become the home for all of your recipes, menus, and ideas for as long as you continue to cook. And the meez team will continually strive to build new and innovative ways for you to experience and share your content.

Josh Sharkey
Founder of meez

1999-2000: The First Notebooks
2001-2008: A cook's life
2009-2016: Running a business
2016-2019: Development begins
2020-Today: Now we're cooking