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meez is the all-in-one recipe tool for culinary professionals centralizing the development process, making menus easier to execute, and offering a universally accessible and editable recipe format. A first-of-its-kind culinary operating system created for chefs by chefs, meez is the epitome of user-friendly, built with operational empathy and ever-evolving product updates via industry feedback.

Chef Josh Sharkey

Founder / CEO

The founder and CEO of meez, Josh Sharkey is an entrepreneur, chef, and restaurant operator with over 20 years of experience in the industry (Oceana, Tabla, Bouley, Cafe Gray). After more than a decade cooking in Michelin-starred restaurants, he opened Bark Hot Dogs in 2009, which earned numerous accolades in the fast casual space. Sharkey spent five years as the Chief Operating Officer of Aurify Brands (Melt Shop, The Little Beet, Little Beet Table, Fields Good Chicken, and Le Pain Quotidien) before launching meez to the public in late 2020 following over two years of development. During the pandemic, Sharkey used meez’s technology to create Recipes for Relief, an initiative that made interactive recipes available for purchase with 100% of proceeds going towards restaurant relief. Josh believes in building technology with domain empathy, ensuring software always conforms to how we operate, and fervently focusing on the finer details.

Meet the Team

Marylee Rosenwald
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Chef Sergio Hernandez
Culinary Director & Account Manager, Business Development
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Chef Doug Bermingham
Customer Success Manager
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Chef Gabriel Ross
Head of Process and Implementation
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Chef Finn O'Hara
Implementation and Support Administrator
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Kenny Warner
Data Scientist
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Kyle Weeks
Head of Growth & Marketing
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Carlos Ost
Software Engineer
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Ryan Lipkin
Head of Business Development & Sales
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Maria Mackey
Operations Manager
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Ursula Siker
Account Executive, Business Development Team
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Sarah Hassler
Implementation and Process Manager
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Daniel Roestorf
Staff Site Reliability Engineer, Engineering
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Alex Gregar
Senior Front End Engineer - Engineering
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Liz Van Hoose
Senior Marketing Manager, Content & Brand
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Francisco Felix
Senior Software Engineer
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Joshua Briceno
QA Engineering Lead
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Alan Dyck
Director of Product, Product Team
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Kurt Carey
Product Owner, Product Team
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The meez story

meez is inspired by the same principles applied to great cooking– an uncompromising attention to detail and a constant drive to evolve and improve.

What the team has built is the culmination of so many lessons learned from stages of my own personal experience as a chef and entrepreneur, so we thought it best to present the story of meez as a timeline.

Our hope is that meez will become the home for all of your recipes, menus, and ideas for as long as you continue to cook. And the meez team will continually strive to build new and innovative ways for you to experience and share your content.

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Josh Sharkey
Founder of meez

1999-2000: The First Notebooks
2001-2008: A cook's life
2009-2016: Running a business
2016-2019: Development begins
2020-Today: Now we're cooking

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