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Increase profits and keep up with menu fluctuations

Build menus with recipes and ingredients

From a la carte and tasting menus, to build-your-own, cocktail, wine, and catering menus, analyze the cost and value of any menu.

  • Easily update sell price and sales volume

  • See your true theoretical Menu Costs, Profit, and Revenue

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plating a tuna dish with meez food costing

Menu engineering with live updates

Stop wasting time with analog menu engineering. Update your menu and see results as you go with meez.

  • Make changes to recipes, portion size, sell price, and sales volume

  • See the impact of your changes on Food Cost %, Profit Margin, and Revenue

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Visual menu insights to boost profitability

Gain powerful insights to optimize menu performance, ingredient usage, and purchasing.

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plating a tuna dish with meez food costing

Make data-driven menu decisions

Strategically adjust your menu for financial success. Identify menu outliers, find purchasing opportunities, and more.

  • Determine which menu items drive the most profit and sales volume

  • Save money at scale by engineering recipes with different products

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What our customers say

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I can make a decision to push up or push down a cost of any given item and make decisions on that based on what its impact is on the menu mix. For me, it's important to know and understand because it's always a mixture of what it actually costs. Understanding all the parameters is just going to allow me to make better decisions.

Adam Shepard
Gage and Tollner
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It can give me a good theoretical price based on my sales which, right now, it's me creating the excel spreadsheet and it's not straight up connected with my sales price and my food cost, so I have to re-enter this manually.

Wilfried Bergerhausen
RMD Consulting