Precise recipe scaling for food & beverage pros

Stop relying on bad kitchen math. Whether cooking for 5 or 500, meez scales recipes to the exact amount you need.
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Join thousands of kitchens that use meez for scaling

Being able to scale a recipe dynamically with meez gives you that ability to make sure that you're only producing the exact amount or that you’re very close to that amount that you will need.

Geoff Kornberg
VP of Culinary, Beatnic

We probably save 4-5 hours a week and have reduced any scaling errors by a lot with meez. New recipe development and testing is also so much easier. We can quickly and easily changes the recipe and adjust bakers percentages incrementally

Lise Garden
Owner, Homestead Artisan Bakery

The more you make at once, the more efficient you are. Batching recipes has been a huge success, and it’s been easy with meez.

John Mazur
Director of Operations, Skopos Hospitality

Make precisely the right amount of food.

With meez, companies are reducing food waste and over production by 20 - 30%

Reduce Food Waste

Easily match a base recipe to forecasted demand. Pick a batch size or yield and watch your recipe scale proportionally in seconds.

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Maintain Consistency

Stick to the original recipe, even when you’re low on an ingredient. Choose an individual ingredient quantity as the scaling factor for a recipe.

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Prevent Costly Mistakes

Convert with precision. From volume and weight to metric to standard, select your preferred unit of measure and let meez do the conversion math.

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Work Faster Than Ever

Use formulas and ratios? Effortlessly fine tune recipe ingredient percentages using baker’s percent OR total weight percent.

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Accurate scaling and conversions for:
owners and operators