Laser accurate costing for food & beverage pros

Stop playing guessing games with your profits and margins. meez calculates theoretical food costs in real-time, making them precise and easy to manage.
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I can’t tell you how much time I’ve saved costing recipes. I used to spend hours in front of Excel trying to figure out costs and yields. Now it’s easier to see trends. I’m able to look at it and see the things we need to increase cost on.

Ross Hanson
Executive Chef, The Grizzly Paw

meez makes our costing process very precise. Whenever there is a recipe or a cocktail that needs to be made, we write down every aspect of it, put it into meez, and it spits out a cost per serving.

John Mazur
Director of Operations, Skopos Hospitality

It’s so quick to cost recipes. It takes 1/4 of the time to cost them and we have live purchasing data which is really, really helpful. The big thing is our chefs don’t need to sit and update costs, it’s all automated.

Beth Hannemann
CFO, Source Collab

Save time. Leave the kitchen math to us.

With meez, chefs are achieving on average $30k - $50k reduction
in annual COGS with recipe engineering and real time cost updates.

Reduce manual work

Stop relying on fragile spreadsheets. meez quickly costs recipes using 2,500+ system ingredients with yield, prep loss, and UoM equivalencies built-in.

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Make decisions faster

Determine your optimal sell price. meez automatically calculates portion cost, food cost percentage, and profit per recipe so you can be smart about your menu.

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Understand market changes

Be aware of recipe costs at all times. meez helps you keep track of how ingredient costs fluctuate by connecting invoices to products and updating costs in real-time.

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