Faster back-of- house recipe training

Stop pulling chefs off the line. Give your BOH employees the best possible recipe training and onboarding experience.
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How our customers are training staff faster

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Our team can follow a recipe on a tablet with pictures and videos, step-by-step procedures. Anyone can make the recipe using the tool this way.

Geoff Kornberg
VP of Culinary, Beatnic
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The platform has been instrumental in making it work for us not having a pastry chef on site at our current locations. meez allows me to give all the details I would in person, videos, pictures and the ability to scale recipes.

Alessandra Altieri Lopez
Executive Pastry Chef , Baxtrom Hospitality
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I try to use it as the recipe book now and have cooks on stations be able to reference it. Instead of having a book out there that gets dirty and out of place and pages fall out — they have it in their pocket.

Allen Susser
Owner, Chef Allen Consulting 

Empower your team and reduce staff turnover

With meez, culinary pros reduce training time for new staff by 70%
A list of important docs like employee onboarding and food safety

Ramp up new staff quickly

Expand your hiring pool. Transfer institutional knowledge to new employees easily. Work with less skilled people while maintaining consistency.

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Maintain Consistency

Don’t just tell - show your team exactly how to prepare each dish. Turn your recipes into digital training materials with photos, videos, docs, and more.

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Step by step instructions of how to sear a pork
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Create a happier team

Increase job satisfaction. Strengthen camaraderie by eliminating conflict over dish, recipe, and technique variance amongst team members.

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Simplified recipe training for owners and operators

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