Nutrition Analysis

Generate accurate nutrition labels

Link your recipe ingredients to the USDA database to create accurate calorie counts for menus and retail grab-and-go items.
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Nutrition analysis and allergen tagging made easy

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We have been able to use meez in many beneficial ways from the various tools it has, including nutritional information and cost pricing. With prompt responses, offering frequent Q&A sessions, and even the option to video chat one-on-one, it really is the best option out there.

Emily Norris
Wellness Director, Taylor Made Cuisine
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Having the tools to organize, cost AND do effective nutritional analysis in one place is treasure! It's been an elusive unicorn for many years: before meez I used things that cost way too much and did way too little, with less real support over a decade than I had in one month from super-smart, gracious meez folks.

Dani Black
Owner, Bigger Tables Culinary & Service Consulting

Fast and accurate nutrition labeling

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Details you care about

Access thousands of hours of culinary research. Our team has meticulously documented 2,500+ ingredients that include:

  • Precise yield percentages - Whether planning a meal for two or catering an event, easily calculate the exact yield of each ingredient.

  • Flexible measurements - From cups to grams, teaspoons and more, seamlessly convert between different unit types.

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Peace of mind

meez simplifies allergen management by automatically attaching allergens to recipe. Always remain safe by customizing allergens for your own ingredients.

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Convenience at your fingertips

Connect your ingredients to the USDA database, enter a serving size, and a printable nutrition label with calorie counts and allergens will appear instantly.

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Need FDA compliance? Meet the experts

Nutrition fact labels generated in meez are not FDA compliant and require a registered dietician to review before going to market. Book a time with one of our recommended experts to learn more about their nutrition services.

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Andrea Canada, RDN

Andrea and her company, Worthy Plates Culinary Nutrition help food service operations and chefs meet the evolving demands for nutrition transparency, and healthier, greener menus. Government regulations are complex. Nutrition analysis is more complicated than simply adding calories from a database. Customers support operations that care about their health and the environment.

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Allison Gross, RDN

Finding someone with nutrition and culinary expertise is key to successful nutrition labeling and allergen identification. At Allison Gross Nutrition, we can ensure you are getting the right nutrition and allergen information for your labels to be FDA compliant. We offer an array of services from nutrition analysis, to R&D and nutrition / health consulting.

Seamless nutrition labeling software for
owners and operators

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Let us audit your recipes.

With a nutrition audit, our team of culinary specialists make sure all your recipes are generating accurate labels. We will:

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Identify problems areas  causing inaccurate or non-existent nutritional data
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Ensure all menu items are generating nutrition labels
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Provide best practices for creating recipes optimized for nutrition
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