kitchen management

Keep your entire kitchen
team in sync

Work together seamlessly, no matter the size of your team or number of locations you run. Eliminate friction caused by miscommunication or recipe discrepancies.
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Kitchen management is easier with meez

Jess Bogard
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We opened two restaurants on the same day for the first time ever, which was only made possible by having all recipes readily available. meez has really been a workhorse for us. It’s become a backbone for our business.

Jessica Bogard
Senior Director of Culinary, City Barbecue
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We have our whole team on board, and everyone is so much happier logging onto meez, finding a recipe, and scaling recipes themselves rather than just getting sent a bunch of random google docs from me.

Matt Northrup
Chef and Founder, Redstart Foods
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We love meez! It has really made everything so much easier. It seems like a lifetime ago to think back to how we used to do things. We probably save 4-5 hours a week and have reduced any scaling errors by a lot.

Lise Garden
Owner, Homestead Bakery

Empower your team and improve consistency

Establish a source of truth

Stop having different versions of the same recipe going around your kitchen. Create scalable, digital recipes your team can use at any moment. 

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Maintain control 

Determine who on your team has recipe editing permissions. Show and hide recipe books based on location, or even silo work-in-progress recipes.

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Avoid miscommunication

Notify staff on recipe and doc changes automatically. Send real-time recipe updates to your team by commenting within a recipe directly.

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Train new staff faster

Make every step of the training process interactive. Prevent mistakes by adding videos and images to each recipe prep step.

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Simplified recipe training for owners and operators

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