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From scaling recipes in one click, to creating easy-to-understand training materials, and getting accurate food costs, meez empowers restaurant owners to confidently manage expenses, sustain profitability, and ease the workload for kitchen staff.

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Data-driven decisions at your fingertips

Get laser accurate food costs

Determine your optimal sell price. Be smart with your menu by automatically generating portion cost, food cost percentage, and profit per recipe.

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Real-time menu engineering

Make changes to recipes, portion size, sell price, and sales volume. See the impact of your changes on Food Cost %, Profit Margin, and Revenue.

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Reduce staff turnover

Expand your candidate pool and accelerate staff onboarding. Transform recipes into interactive training materials.

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Connect to Accounting

Efficiently handle invoice processing through daily data synchronization. Feed all purchasing data directly into your accounting system.

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Simplify Invoice Processing

Have complete control over your expenses. Say goodbye to manual invoice handling and enjoy a seamless, automated process.

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Sheet to Shelf Inventory Management

Know what you have in your dry storage, freezer, or your walk-in at any moment with a restaurant inventory solution that integrates into your day-to-day.

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What our customers say

I think the best part about meez is that it puts us all on the same. For an industry that relies so heavily on consistency, it’s not always easy to actually create it. meez really does a good job of making it easy for us to eliminate friction caused by miscommunication or recipe discrepancies.

Vince Guiliano

What our customers say

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