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Combat menu fatigue

Regularly introduce intriguing dishes that pique residents' interest. Keep your community excited about mealtime with a constantly evolving menu.

  • Craft seasonal menus that offer fresh, local ingredients
  • Introduce brand new cuisines and flavors to residents
  • Encourage creativity and innovation among kitchen staff
  • Create memorable dining experiences that residents love
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Navigate budget constraints

Efficiently manage finances, optimize ingredient usage, and minimize waste. Provide high-quality meals that meet residents' health needs while staying within budget.

  • Reduce food waste through portion control and recipe optimization
  • Analyze food spending and identify areas for improvement
  • Streamline procurement, inventory management, and food prep
  • Attract new customers and increase revenue with inclusive menus
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Improve team collaboration

Eliminate confusion by providing everyone with the same information, Foster a culture of precision and consistency through clear communication and standardized processes.

  • Store all recipes, documents, and training materials in one place
  • Reduce recipe errors and ensure everyone on your team is aligned
  • Have accountability and transparency in recipe creation processes
  • Get real-time recipe updates, version control, and see a recipe audit trail
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Offer inclusive, delicious meals

Catering to the unique dietary needs of seniors requires precision. Transform your senior care establishment into a culinary haven that prioritizes the well-being of every resident.

  • Address dietary needs for intolerances and medical conditions
  • Boost satisfaction levels as residents enjoy meals tailored to them
  • Simplify menu management and easily make adjustments to recipes
  • Prevent cross-contamination by tracking allergens in your food prep
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Strive for nutritional harmony

Ensure residents receive the essential nutrients they need to thrive. Build personalized meal plans, ensure nutritional adequacy, and increase resident happiness. 

  • Create nutrient rich recipes with vital vitamins, minerals, and protein
  • Make informed decisions about the nutritional content of each meal
  • Promote healthy eating habits and support residents' well-being
  • Customize recipes effortlessly to meet dietary requirements and preferences
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Improve senior living dining operations with meez

Nutrition Labeling

Get peace of mind by automatically attaching allergens to recipes. Remain safe by customizing allergens for your own ingredients.

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Food Costing

Get laser accurate food costs. meez has over 2,500 system ingredients, each equipped with yields, prep loss, and unit equivalents built-in.

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Kitchen Training

Notify staff of recipe changes automatically. Strengthen team camaraderie by eliminating conflict over inconstant processes and results.

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What our customers say

“ With the ever-changing needs or requests of residents entering our communities, we need to be able to make changes on the fly and provide accurate nutritional facts and cost information to our various stakeholders. meez allows for recipe creation or modification in minutes. Recipes or edits are available immediately through kitchen tablets or mobile devices for staff. One of meez’s most powerful functions is its connection with the USDA database. As affiliates alter the recipes, nutritional information is updated instantaneously.”

Christian Ramsey
Director of Culinary Operations

What our customers say

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