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Recipe Software Built For Your Kitchen Staff

Successful back of house operations goes beyond serving exceptional food—it's about perfecting every aspect of your recipe costing, training, prep, and execution.

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Create a happier team and maximize profitability

Accurate food costs

Leave manual math behind. meez accurately calculates theoretical food costs in real-time, providing insights to enhance decision-making and menu profitability.

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Quicker staff onboarding

Centralize onboarding resources, making training readily accessible across multiple locations, empowering teams with up-to-date training docs

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Consistent recipe management

Standardize recipes, prevent versioning, and scale dishes accurately with digital training materials enriched with photos, videos, and documents.

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Connect to Accounting

Efficiently handle invoice processing through daily data synchronization. Feed all purchasing data directly into your accounting system.

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Simplify Invoice Processing

Have complete control over your expenses. Say goodbye to manual invoice handling and enjoy a seamless, automated process.

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Sheet to Shelf Inventory Management

Know what you have in your dry storage, freezer, or your walk-in at any moment with a restaurant inventory solution that integrates into your day-to-day.

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What our customers say

The ultimate goal is to make something delicious that we can handle to make as a team that’s not too expensive for our guests so that we can continue serving our guests rather than going belly up. meez makes our costing process very precise.

John Mazur
Director of Operators, Skopos Hospitality

What our customers say

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