Effortlessly Scan 
and Process Invoices

Have complete control over your expenses. With invoice scanning, you can say goodbye to manual invoice handling and enjoy a seamless, automated process.
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How Invoice Scanning Works

    1. Scan invoice, snap a photo, or use EDI
    1. Line items connect to meez ingredients
    1. Send invoice to meez
    1. Recipe costs automatically updated
    1. Ingredient yields and unit conversions magically calculated
List of invoices with an approve button

Save time and optimize your spending

A produce issle and a list of ingredient line items

Automated ingredient costing

Sync ingredient costs to your meez account with every scanned invoice. Keep your profit margins and food cost percentages on target.

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Simple invoice organization

No longer worry about piles of paper invoices cluttering your office. Search by invoice number, vendor, and category, and access a list of all your scanned invoices.

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Reporting tailored to you

Download inventory sheets and generate reports based on specific vendors, categories, or dates.  Analyze your expenses and identify opportunities for cost optimization.

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Track costs over time

Stay informed about ingredient price fluctuations and analyze your spending patterns. Make data-driven decisions for menu changes and vendor negotiations.

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