Analytics Dashboard

Insights that help you grow faster

Quickly and confidently make data-driven decisions to lower costs and boost profitability. meez’s powerful analytics dashboard provides you with critical data to optimize menu performance, ingredient usage, and purchasing.
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Chef stirring a pan and a chart showing invoice cost categories

Lower theoretical food costs and increase profitability.

Easily Identify areas for improvement with our dashboard’s intuitive charts and graphs.

  • Identify highest and lowest profit driving menu items
  • Know your most and least popular menu items
  • Highlight sleeper menu items to boost profitability
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Identify hidden cost drivers

The majority of your food cost typically comes from a small handful of ingredients you purchase.

  • Identify the highest usage ingredients
  • Focus on waste management and purchase optimization
  • Simplify inventory management
  • Effortlessly increase profitability
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plating oysters with food costing product images
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plating oysters with food costing product images

Monitor price volatility over time

Discover opportunities to refine recipes with cost-effective ingredients.

  • See the impact of price changes on your overall menu costs
  • Avoid being caught off guard by ingredient price fluctuations
  • Optimize purchasing by identifying volatile ingredients by cost
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