Access simple sheet-to-shelf inventory

Customize your inventory management to your operational needs and preferences, whether you use a scale or conduct visual assessments.

  • Set up sheet-to-shelf counts for different sections of your establishment 
  • Enter data with confidence from your tablet, computer, or smartphone
  • Ensure uninterrupted inventory tracking, even if you lose internet access
  • Get recipes setup, costed, yielded, and standardized in under a week
Viewing a recipe for pizza crust dough
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Woman on phone converting a recipe ingredient to grams

Count by any unit of measurement

No more juggling multiple units of measurement, only having one alternative, or creating endless inventory items for the same ingredient.

  • Make inventory counting easier with a dynamic unit measure database
  • Count prep recipes and ingredients in any UoM you choose
  • Count prepped ingredients without excessive recipe creation
  • Avoid extensive setup by converting ingredients instantly and accurately
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Understand the value of your inventory

Have an accurate picture of your financial performance in a fraction of the time you would put into any other inventory system.

  • Always account for both purchases and remaining inventory
  • Accurately track ingredients to maximize profits and minimize waste
  • Align actual and theoretical usage based on your recipe yields 
  • Ensure recipes are up-to-date and reflective of item usage
Viewing a recipe for pizza crust dough
Woman on phone converting a recipe ingredient to grams

Get profitability insights at your fingertips

Whether you're updating your menu, adjusting purchasing strategies, or evaluating operational efficiency, access the insights you need.

  • View inventory totals for food items, beverages, and more
  • Pinpoint areas of waste, identify over-portioning, and improper practices
  • Focus inventory counts on ingredients driving the majority of your cost
  • Verify accuracy by exporting reports with detailed ingredient data
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