Easy Restaurant Inventory Management

Organize sheet to shelf with customer categories and subcategories
Track new and on-hand inventory, as well as items sold in one place
Receive inventory totals across multiple ingredient locations
Generate comprehensive inventory reports and catch issues early

Say goodbye to paper and pen inventory counts

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Ingredient Control:

Gain a clear picture of your inventory in real-time. Ensure you always have the essentials on hand while minimizing losses from over-ordering, wastage, and theft.

Hassle-Free Organization:

Save time by customizing your inventory to your exact needs. Effortlessly navigate your inventory with easy-to-use filters by category, location, and more.

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Price Transparency:

Simplify vendor interactions. Eliminate complex price negotiations by selecting items from your inventory and finding the best-priced products.

Recipes to Inventory:

Get accurate inventory costs for up to date totals. Pull recipe costs directly into your inventory manager for consistent numbers throughout your operation.

Viewing a recipe for pizza crust dough

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