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Skip the notes, docs, and spreadsheets. Trade ideas with industry friends, educate your audience, or empower your team - all from one recipe tool.
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How we’re improving our customers lives

Seamus Mullen
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Sharing recipes was a longer and more involved process before. Today, if I want to share a recipe, it takes two seconds to find it in meez and two more seconds to share it.

Seamus Mullen
Chef and Food Consultant
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We have our whole team on board, and everyone is so much happier logging onto Meez, finding a recipe, and scaling recipes themselves rather than just getting sent a bunch of random google docs from me.

Matt Northrup
Chef and Founder, Redstart Foods
John Mazur headshot
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It’s so much easier and more efficient to have cocktails in a digital format. We’re constantly changing our beverage menus, from the name, the base spirit, and the juice. meez allows my team to reference recipes whenever they need to.

John Mazur
Director of Operations, Skopos Hospitality

meez is the best way to store and share recipes

Standardize your culinary IP

Organizing and categorizing recipes has never been easier. Create a restaurant recipe database that you and your team can access anytime.

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Distribute recipes instantly

Share recipes with friends, family and colleagues in just a couple clicks. Plus, publish recipes to the web in a scalable, easy-to follow format.

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Stay aligned as a team

Ensure consistent execution. Maintain control and avoid recipe versioning by granting manager, editor or viewer access to each team member.

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Effortless recipe sharing for owners and operators

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