The Evolution of a Dish:

12 Days of Digital Recipes

To celebrate the season, we asked 12 chefs in 12 dining destinations to share one of their recipes publicly so you can see how simply our community centralizes culinary content with meez.

We’re always inspired by how each individual and team uses the tool for recipe management and menu development:

  • Canadian chef Ron McKinlay incorporated new ingredients on the platform — birch syrup and caster sugar — in an apple terrine at Canoe Restaurant in Toronto.
  • Jason Bond adds spice to a kimchi stew with gochujang and gochugaru at Clover Food Lab near Boston.
  • At Maxwell Park in D.C., Masako Morishita shares one of her favorite recipes that’s easy to make at home: sesame cucumber salad.
  • Steve McHugh, of Cured and Landrace in San Antonio, uses beef trim and pickled pequin peppers in his pequin au poivre.
  • Fany Gerson, the Mexican chef behind La Newyorkina and Fan-Fan Doughnuts in Brooklyn, shares lime zest tamales from her book, “MySweet Mexico: Recipes for Authentic Pastries, Breads, Candies, Beverages, and Frozen Treats.” Her rendition was inspired by a Dia de Los Muertos feast nearCuernavaca and she includes a traditional tip for testing the dough.
  • Dan Kluger demonstrates something simple to make amid the holiday chaos with his OG Grandma pie from Washington Squares Pizza in Manhattan. View the slideshow to watch video of each step repurposed from a recent virtual event.
  • Anthony Lombardo and Scott Overall filmed each step for turning leftover Parmigiano rinds into a tasty vegetarian broth, reducing waste with comfort food at Shewolf in Detroit.
  • At Chicago's Smyth and The Loyalist, executive pastry chef and owner Karen Urie Shields shares her chocolate blackout cake with Dutch cocoa and buttercream.
  • Chef Amber Caudle offers sweet potato parsnip gratin topped with crumble from The Source Cafe in Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach, California.
  • At the Institute of Culinary Education, Chef Barry Tonkinson inlays herbs and flowers in handkerchief pasta, and Chef Chris Arturo stuffs and shapes gyoza. View the slideshows for photos and videos.

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