The Evolution of a Dish:

Introducing Manager Access

meez was designed to make your kitchen run smoother. Collaboration is streamlined because account owners can give the perfect level of permissions to each team member: viewers can view and scale recipes, while editors can make changes to recipes, share, manage team members, and more.

To date, certain capabilities (such as editing purchase items) were reserved only for the account owner. But we heard from users that they wanted to be able to add additional access to their viewers and editors so that they’re empowered to take on more responsibility. 

That’s why we’re excited to be announcing Manager access.

Manager access can be added to either a viewer or an editor. 

When a viewer is granted manager access they get these additional permissions: 

  • View & edit purchase items, including importing costs
  • View recipe costs, nutrition, and unit of measurement info
  • Add/remove view-only team members

An editor can already do much more than a viewer, so when they’re granted manager access, they get these additional permissions:  

  • View & edit purchase items
  • Import costs

Or in other words:

To add Manager access to a team member:

1. Click the hamburger menu item in the top left

Hamburger menu

2. Click "Manage Team"

Left side panel of meez app

3. Click the three dots next to a team member and then click “Edit Team Member”

Manage team page

4. Toggle on the “Manager” box for the concepts/locations where applicable:

Edit team member modal
(Note: You will be charged an incremental $25/month per manager)

We can't wait to see how you leverage Manager Access to empower your team! 

Haven't tried meez yet?

Haven't tried meez yet?

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