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Introducing Percentage of Total Ingredients

The truth is, some recipes just work better if expressed in different types of percentages –  especially when handling charcuterie, pastry, sausage, and brine. Now, we can already hear the debate: Baker’s percentages or total weight percentages? What if you have the option to choose?

That’s why we’re so excited to announce our newest feature: Percentage of Total Ingredients.  

What is Percentage of Total Ingredients?

Percentage of Total Ingredients allows you to view ingredients in a recipe by percentages. This feature helps you create new recipes or fine tune existing recipes using your own formulas and ratios. You can choose to show the overall percentage or baker’s percent (i.e. hydration percent).

We know working in a kitchen with many types of recipes forces chefs and bakers to work on paper to calculate percentages. But with Percentage of Total Ingredients, simply choose which percentage type you prefer and let meez do the math for you. 

  • Recipes by Percent of Ingredients -  Show each measured ingredient as a percent of the total mass of your combined ingredients. Change your xanthan gum from 2% to 3% and watch meez automatically adjust the remaining ingredient percentages. 
  • Recipes by Baker’s Percent (Hydration Percent) - Get raised bread just right by thinking in percentages of base ingredients. Set one or more flour ingredients as your base, and let meez adjust the percentages of everything else. 

Who Can Access Percentage of Total Ingredients?

Percentage of Total Ingredients is available to meez users on a Business or Premium plan. All cooks and bakers on your team can view recipes in percentages alongside scaled ingredient quantities, regardless of what type of access they have. Editors can switch them on for each recipe that needs them. Percentage of Total Ingredients will help your cooks execute consistently at any scale.  

How to Use Percentage of Ingredients:

1. Toggle on “Calculate %” in your meez recipe

2. Select your percentage type: “Standard %” or “Bakers %”

3. Choose a base or make adjustments to your ingredient percents

Want more help? Check out this article - "How to Calculate Ingredient Percentages"
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