The Evolution of a Dish:

How Chef & Food Consultant Seamus Mullen Innovates Faster with meez

Known for his inventive and approachable Spanish cuisine, cookbook author and award-winning former chef of Boqueria and Tertulia in New York City, Chef Seamus Mullen, is a leading authority in the conversation on food, health, and wellness in Los Angeles.

Since making the switch from restauranter to nutrition consultant in the mid-2010s, Seamus has been on the hunt for an intuitive way to digitally organize his recipes for clients. 

“I’ve been really frustrated over the years with recipe organization and sharing. Nothing was built for how chefs work or think. meez was exactly what I had been looking for."

Recipes all in one place

Since working as a consultant, Seamus has primarily written recipes in word format and saved content in Dropbox. Even after using Evernote for a while, organizing and sharing recipes was still a hassle. 

“I had recipes stored in a million different places. Over the past twelve years, I’ve had about 200 clients and each will have their own folder with recipes in them. If I needed a deviled egg recipe, for example, I had to remember where that recipe was located. Or I would just rewrite it instead but end up with like 5 different recipes.”

meez completely eliminates this challenge. Now Seamus has a source of truth for all his recipe content and has hundreds of his recipes organized exactly in a way that makes sense to him.

“meez makes my life as a consultant so much easier. I can just search for recipe keywords and drop content into concepts or recipe books I’ve defined. It’s hugely beneficial.”

Easier recipe sharing 

Similar to recipe organization, Seamus experienced struggles early on as a consultant with recipe sharing. If a client or friend wanted a recipe, he would have to go onto his computer, open the dropbox app, search through a bunch of different recipes, and attach it to an email. 

“Sharing recipes was a longer and more involved process before. Today, if I want to share a recipe, it takes two seconds to find it in meez and two more seconds to share it.”

With meez, Seamus has a straightforward medium for sharing recipe content with his clients, including global luxury brand Rosewood Hotels & Resorts. By having a recipe database, he can easily make adjustments as needed and revoke access to specific recipe content whenever necessary. 

“meez just makes my life more organized and simplified. I can give people access to my recipes with automatic conversion and scaling, so I know they will make recipes exactly how I’ve written them. Intuitively, it just works really well.”

Get started with meez.

Get started with meez.

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