How APICII Leverages meez as their Culinary Operations Hub


Hospitality Management
Jennifer Scocca,
Chief of Staff
New York City

In this case study:

With meez’s recipe platform, Creative Food Solutions is able to…

  • Efficient recipe management: meez provides a centralized and organized system for creating, managing, and sharing client recipes. This has significantly improved the efficiency of their recipe creation process.
  • Enhanced nutrition analysis: meez's ability to work with baker's and total ingredient percentages facilitates easier nutrition analysis, enabling the team to meet strict guidelines for clients, such as limiting sugar and calorie consumption.
  • Standardized recipes: Before meez, the team lacked a standardized recipe writing format, leading to inconsistencies and various versions of the same recipe. meez has revolutionized their approach by providing a uniform format, eliminating the need for Excel spreadsheets.


With a portfolio of 30 diverse projects, including The Boxyard at T-Mobile Park, Bowery Road at the Hyatt Union Square, and The Grayson Hotel in New York, APICII has been at the forefront of hospitality management innovation. To further enhance their operational efficiency as they add new restaurant concepts to their portfolio, APICII partnered with meez to revolutionize team training, save time, and simplify recipe sharing across their culinary concepts.

Jennifer Scocca,
“meez is our stable starting point for recipe development and menu development. It saves us multiple hours a week and just creates this level of efficiency that we wouldn't have otherwise. Just the simple accessibility of it saves us so much time.”

Tech Stack Challenges 

Even the most seasoned professionals encounter challenges when integrating new technology into their operations. Jennifer Scocca, Chief of Staff at APICII, understands this all too well. She recognizes that the transition to unfamiliar tech systems can be intimidating, especially for chefs who are experts in their craft but not necessarily in technology.

Navigating the Digital Culinary Landscape

APICII's journey with meez demonstrates how technology, when tailored to meet the specific needs of chefs, can simplify complex operations and foster connections that go beyond mere functionality. When Jennifer and her team began exploring the world of hospitality technology, they encountered an array of systems aimed at improving efficiency, tracking costs, managing inventory, and addressing staff turnover. However, among these tools, the missing link was an intuitive digital recipe platform.

Over the last few years, they’ve had difficulties training staff and finding qualified employees, emphasizing the need for user-friendly solutions to onboard new staff without taking too much time away from their more tenured culinary team members. When researching tech options, meez emerged as the preferred choice, especially among APICII’s chefs.

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Chef-Centric Approach to Recipe Organization

Jennifer recognizes that meez distinguishes itself by speaking the language of the culinary world. It transcends the typical vendor-client relationship and offers chefs something unique: a connection with peers who understand the intricacies of their craft.

“meez is indispensable to our culinary operations. It’s easy-to-use interface makes it accessible to anyone with basic computer skills. But meez goes beyond simplicity; it offers a range of functionalities - from scaling, recipe conversions, and training tools - that cater to our kitchen team's daily production needs.”

When onboarding a new restaurant client, Jennifer’s also makes sure to connect APICII chefs with a meez representative so they can explore the recipe platform’s full potential. This interaction often reveals untapped features and opportunities for better utilization of meez.

“It’s the perfect saying that you guys have: created by chefs for chefs. We've had some chefs that are tech-savvy and some that are not. But no matter, when they’re talking to someone from meez, they are connecting with another chef that knows culinary language, what they are talking about, and their struggles personally."

Bridging the Culinary Divide

One of the key differentiators of meez is its ability to facilitate meaningful connections among chefs. When APICII onboarded Chef Jonathan Benno, renowned for his culinary expertise, the interaction with meez was enlightening. Instead of dealing with tech jargon, Chef Benno engaged with a platform that resonated with his culinary instincts.

"Chef Jonathan Benno knew he was talking to people who understood being a chef. He wasn't talking to some techie who was like, here's where you're going to put your, you know, the column for this and that. He was really interacting with it. Like, wow, guys, this is, this is what. Not just what I need, but what the culinary world needs, said Sergio Hernandez, Head of Business Development at meez.

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Sharing Knowledge Among Chefs

For APICII’s chefs, meez is more than just a recipe storage app. It eliminates the need for chefs to exchange countless emails when rolling out new dishes or if an update has been made to a recipe. Because all recipe content is in meez, transferring culinary knowledge to team members is simplified.  

“Instead of wasting time looking for recipes on multiple platforms, our chefs know exactly where to go. They can share recipes and culinary techniques instantly. With meez, our chefs are saving at least 15 to 20 minutes per day by having all recipes in one place.”

Easy Implementation and Future Opportunities

From the very beginning, partnering with meez has been nothing short of seamless. Jennifer noted how meez was readily available even before other components of their technology stack, providing a solid foundation for recipe development and menu creation. Whether it's opening a new restaurant or consolidating systems, meez is the grounding force that ensures continuity and efficiency.

“meez is the springboard that empowers chefs to confidently navigate through our tech stack. There's times where we need to consolidate systems, and we ask about meez and all the chefs pipe up and they're like, oh no, no, no, we need to keep meez at all costs. For our chefs, meez is the grounding for everything. It grounds us for opening. It grounds us to build onto everything else."


Today, meez serves as more than just a standalone tool; it has evolved into the cornerstone of their kitchen operations, facilitating the integration of other systems like Craftable. 

APICII plans to explore new ways to leverage meez's capabilities, adapting to the evolving needs of their culinary projects. This proactive approach demonstrates their commitment to staying at the forefront of culinary innovation and technology.

“meez is a valuable ally for APICII. Its intuitive interface, efficiency-enhancing features, and unwavering customer support make it a standout solution in the complex landscape of hospitality technology. meez remains a steadfast and indispensable tool as we expand our portfolio and continue to refine our kitchen operations.”

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