Beatnic reduced COGS across 10 locations with meez and GoTab


Geoff Kornberg, VP of Culinary
New York City

In this case study:

With meez’s recipe platform, CityBarbecue is able to…

  • Consistent Quality Standards: meez's recipe management tool empowers CityBarbecue to maintain and propagate their competition-quality standards across all locations.
  • Accessibility: By providing accessibility to recipes via tablets throughout the restaurants, meez ensured uniformity in recipes, improving staff satisfaction and enabling consistent execution of the brand's high-quality offerings.
  • Catering Operations Optimization: meez revolutionized CityBarbecue's catering operations. The tool enabled better preparation forecasting, allowing the company to accurately plan and prevent wastage


Linking front-of-house with back-of-house

As a fast-casual vegan establishment with 10 locations, Beantic had to pivot quickly once labor shortages and high cost of goods became the norm due to COVID-19. To improve collaboration, productivity, and profitability, VP of Culinary, Geoff Kornberg, focused on having fewer, more effective tools that integrate seamlessly rather than adding on new technologies.

By linking front-of-house ordering with back-of-house kitchen and recipe management, GoTab and meez helped Beantic increase efficiency, maintain consistent quality, forecast demand more accurately, and provide accurate cost reports.

Geoff Kornberg, VP of Culinary
“meez can be viewed on any device that can launch a browser, including KDS screens provided by GoTab. The tool provides a quick and simple recipe view, allowing users to share content with cooks in a couple of clicks. It also has a scientific approach to converting and scaling recipes for production.”

Maintaining consistency across multiple restaurant locations

Beatnic’s locations vary in terms of sales levels, with some doing 15 grand a week and others doing 50 grand a week. As a result, they can't use the same batch sizes for every recipe. meez allows them to scale recipes up and down quickly by simply changing a batch size number on the recipe. This ensures that every location achieves the same result.

“For us, consistency means providing the same high-quality products to every customer every time, regardless of which location they visit. meez and GoTab play a significant role in achieving this. The ability to follow a recipe and scale it to meet demand is crucial.”

By using meez as their recipe tool, Beatnic’s cooks can scale recipes to the exact demand they need with no guesswork involved. Cooks no longer have to do the math themselves, which can be time-consuming and often leads to errors. 

Training employees faster

meez also improves the training experience and quickens the onboarding process for new employees at Beatnic. As a restaurant in multiple markets, previously Kornberg had to travel to each market to train employees on new menu changes, which took up at least three weeks of his time. 

Now, all they have to do is create videos and share content through a Zoom meeting, where everyone can watch and ask questions. Using tablets at all locations with meez pulled up has made the onboarding process more natural and intuitive, and it is easier to train people to make the recipes.

“meez and GoTab have allowed us to work with less skilled people while still maintaining the same level of quality at all our restaurants. Our team can follow a recipe on a tablet with pictures and videos, step-by-step procedures. Anyone can make the recipe using the tool this way.” 

Costing recipes with laser precision

The minimum wage increase has brought about new challenges for restaurant owners. As the cost of labor rises, owners and operators have been forced to find ways to cut costs elsewhere. Many have had to either simplify operations or accept lower profit margins. Fortunately, technology like GoTab has emerged as a powerful tool to help operators overcome these obstacles by keeping track of labor costs. 

With a partnership like meez and GoTab, operators can combine theoretical food costs with labor cost reporting to better manage their expenses. This allows for more efficient management of tasks and helps to fill gaps in understaffed restaurants.

“During these past few years, we've had to re-engineer our menu because we saw a 30% increase in the cost of goods across the board. meez was invaluable when we did this because we could see what the cost would be after switching the ingredients and quantities. It helped us make our dishes more affordable.” 

Forecasting dish demand

Forecasting dish demand can be difficult to do for a multi-unit establishment like Beatnic. But with meez and GoTab, the process is simplified. GoTab offers sales reports, PMIX reports and other essential points of sale data while meez’s dynamic recipe scaling helps the back-of-house team cut down on food waste as much as possible.

“You always need to understand your sales levels. Otherwise, you have no idea how to prep or reduce waste. Being able to scale a recipe dynamically with meez gives you that ability to make sure that you're only producing the exact amount or that you’re very close to that amount that you will need.”

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