Gaetano’s saves 15 hours a month with meez

Gaetano’s Restaurant

Family-Owned Restaurant
Vince Giuliano
Torrance, CA

In this case study:

With meez’s recipe platform, Creative Food Solutions is able to…

  • Efficient recipe management: meez provides a centralized and organized system for creating, managing, and sharing client recipes. This has significantly improved the efficiency of their recipe creation process.
  • Enhanced nutrition analysis: meez's ability to work with baker's and total ingredient percentages facilitates easier nutrition analysis, enabling the team to meet strict guidelines for clients, such as limiting sugar and calorie consumption.
  • Standardized recipes: Before meez, the team lacked a standardized recipe writing format, leading to inconsistencies and various versions of the same recipe. meez has revolutionized their approach by providing a uniform format, eliminating the need for Excel spreadsheets.


With meez, Gaetano’s is able to:

📝 Keep everyone in the loop and tweak recipes on the go
❌ Eliminate dish, recipe and technique variance and errors
🙂 Drive higher customer satisfaction through consistency
📘 Build a source of truth for recipes across multiple locations
🕒 Save time and cut labor costs through operational efficiency


Founded in 1993 by the late Steve Giuliano, South Bay deli turned restaurant Gaetano’s is a family-owned operation specializing in Italian home cooking inspired by recipes owner and wife Dori Giuliano cooked for her family. Since Dori’s retirement, son Vince Giuliano has taken over operations and turned Gaetano’s kitchen into a well-oiled machine with team members working for the restaurant for an average of six years. 

Vince Giuliano
“We’re a small business but pride ourselves on thinking as a big business would. A big business would have an application like meez that makes it easier for you to create consistency in the kitchen.” 

While company culture plays a huge role in Gaetano’s success, meez has been pivotal to helping the Torrance California establishment consistently deliver five-star worthy meals to its customers.  

Owner Vince Giuliano standing outside of Gaetano's Restaurant


Getting back 15 hours a month thanks to meez

“Before meez, we would store recipes in a worn-out binder with pages kept in alphabetical order. Recipes would be hard to find, especially for our Spanish-speaking team members. We eventually just needed a better solution to stay organized.”

With meez, Gaetano’s is able to save over four thousand dollars a year in labor costs alone. 

Their prep team no longer has to spend over 15 hours a month looking left and right through their recipe binder. Recipes can instead be located instantly using meez’s smart search and filters. 

The health department loves meez too. Instead of an unsanitary binder being on a cutting board, Gaetano’s team can just go to one of the iPads on their kitchen refrigerators. 

“meez makes everything cleaner and easier for my kitchen staff. All the recipe details are right there for them to view. They don’t have to go from touching a dirty binder to executing a dish.”

Delivering consistent customer experiences — one recipe at a time

A group of people eating pasta and rolls

As the Gaetano’s team was growing into another restaurant in 2021, they also wanted something that would let them adjust recipes and pass on updates automatically to their kitchen staff.

“Managing recipes is super easy now. With meez, I’m the only one who can adjust any recipe. Once changes are made, the three iPads we use at our restaurants and stations are updated. Each team member can see the recipe and scale it up for a catered event without a problem.”

Before, when a recipe needed to be updated, changes were made in a word document, printed, and passed along to the chef. However, the updated recipe wouldn’t always end up in the binder right away or would get lost. 

Small changes, like adding more salt to a dish, wouldn’t make it to the team. The crew would say more salt was needed in a recipe, even though the real disconnect was relying on an old version. This confusion would cause them to accidentally make a dish saltier than necessary. 

With meez, Vince and his team at Gaetano’s can work together seamlessly and operate efficiently. Different versions of a recipe are no longer floating around and causing issues. Their kitchen staff is also instantly notified of recipe changes.

“I think the best part about meez is that it puts us all on the same page.”

As Vince says, “For an industry that relies so heavily on consistency, it’s not always easy to actually create it. meez really does a good job of making it easy for us to eliminate friction caused by miscommunication or recipe discrepancies.”

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