Make your recipe ingredients shoppable

Want to highlight a specific ingredient in your recipe? Now you can add a “buy” button to any ingredient in the meez database.
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Create Ingredient
Affiliate Links

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Put a “Buy” button next to
any ingredient in a recipe. 
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The custom link leads to
any page you want.
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Track clicks and purchases
from the “Buy” button.

How it Works

Create a shoppable ingredient:

Copy and paste in any url that you’d like attached to an ingredient. Every recipe that uses that ingredient will now show a “buy” button. 

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Make your recipes public:

Share your recipes via our “public view” and allow your audience to see your recipes and shoppable ingredients. Great for social media, blog posts, and websites!

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Earn with your recipes:

Whether you're building an online audience, directing customers to your online storefront, or trying to better educate people about a specific product offering, start earning affiliate fees.

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