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Get automated allergen identification and link your ingredients to the USDA database to generate nutrition information for your recipes in meez.
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Meez Premium subscription customers with edit access can now view and generate nutrition information and automate allergen identification for recipes in meez. 

Quickly aggregate all of your allergen data into recipes by accessing the meez ingredient database and customize as needed. As with any content, you'll want to make sure you verify that all the information is correct and valid before sharing the information to others. 

We take accuracy and compliance very seriously at meez. The nutrition and allergen analysis in your recipes is based on information set in each individual ingredient of the recipe by the creator or editor. The label that is generated is not an FDA compliant label and requires a Nutrition expert to review for full FDA compliance. Meez does not make warranties or guarantees with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the analysis and you are solely responsible for ensuring any information obtained from the analysis is accurate.

To help those of you in need of fully FDA compliant nutrition labels, we have partnered with experts that can provide an array of nutrition based services. 

Meet the Experts

Below are a list of Registered Dietician Nutritionists that we at meez love working with and we think you will too. You can book a time with any one of them to learn more about their services. They typically charge on a per recipe basis for label analysis.

worthy plates culinary nutrition
Andrea Canada, RDN

Andrea and her company, Worthy Plates Culinary Nutrition help food service operations and chefs meet the evolving demands for nutrition transparency, and healthier, greener menus. Government regulations are complex. Nutrition analysis is more complicated than simply adding calories from a database. Customers support operations that care about their health and the environment.

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Allison Gross, RDN

Finding someone with nutrition and culinary expertise is key to successful nutrition labeling and allergen identification. At Allison Gross Nutrition, we can ensure you are getting the right nutrition and allergen information for your labels to be FDA compliant. We offer an array of services from nutrition analysis, to R&D and nutrition / health consulting.