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Let new staff contribute as soon as possible

Limit how much time you spend on employee training and onboarding. Transform your recipes into interactive training materials.

  • Reduce labor costs and stop pulling veteran chefs off the line
  • Widen your hiring pool by lowering prior experience requirements
  • Enhancing employee confidence in institutional recipe knowledge 
  • Drive repeat business with consistency across shifts, managers, and concepts.
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Your go-to hub for research and development

Say goodbye to fragmented R&D. Engineer your menu in real-time and gain insights into menu item success and ingredient costs.

  • Easily adjustment recipes and see the impact on profit margins
  • Make informed pricing decisions based on real-time data and insights
  • Know the profitability of each dish and optimize your costs
  • Reduce manual tasks and make more time for innovation and iteration
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Have complete confidence in your food costing

Stop worrying about the accuracy of your recipe costing. Get the peace of mind you need and confidently optimize your restaurant's profitability.

  • Get accurate and up-to-date costing information at your fingertips
  • Quickly calculate portion cost, food cost %, and profit per recipe
  • Feed all purchasing data directly into your accounting system
  • Generate reports based on specific vendors, categories, or dates
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Increase profits and keep your team in sync

Create a happier team

Notify staff of recipe changes automatically. Strengthen team camaraderie by eliminating conflict over inconstant processes and results.

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Precise food costing

Get laser accurate food costs. meez has over 2,500 system ingredients, each equipped with yields, prep loss, and unit equivalents built-in.

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Real-time menu engineering

Make changes to recipes, portion size, sell price, and sales volume. See the impact of your changes on food cost %, profit margin, and revenue.

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Connect to Accounting

Efficiently handle invoice processing through daily data synchronization. Feed all purchasing data directly into your accounting system.

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Simplify Invoice Processing

Have complete control over your expenses. Say goodbye to manual invoice handling and enjoy a seamless, automated process.

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Sheet to Shelf Inventory Management

Know what you have in your dry storage, freezer, or your walk-in at any moment with a restaurant inventory solution that integrates into your day-to-day.

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What our customers say

What our customers say

“meez is our stable starting point for recipe development and menu development. It saves us multiple hours a week and just creates this level of efficiency that we wouldn't have otherwise. Just the simple accessibility of it saves us so much time.”

Jennifer Scocca
Chief of Staff

“We opened two restaurants on the same day for the first time ever, which was only made possible by having all recipes readily available. meez has really been a workhorse for us. It’s become a backbone for our business.”

Jessica Bogard
Senior Director of Culinary

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