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Introducing The meez Network: A New Hub for Top Hospitality Content

The hospitality industry just got a little more connected with the launch of The meez Network, a time-saving content network that curates all the hospitality industry knowledge you need in one place.

Founded by Andrew Friedman, acclaimed author and host of "Andrew Talks to Chefs," and Josh Sharkey, founder/CEO of culinary operating system meez and host of “The meez Podcast,” the network emerged organically from a shared passion for industry innovation and narrative excellence. 

Driven by feedback from their individual shows and the industry's need for a hub that centralizes similar content, the two folded their beloved podcasts into The meez Network’s inaugural line-up of high-quality hospitality content.

The network provides hospitality professionals with a curated selection of industry-related stories and education, saving them the trial and error of sifting through clutter to find worthwhile podcasts and information sources.

”Imagine a place where the best hospitality industry insights, stories, and updates converge in one easily accessible space. That's exactly what The meez Network offers,” says co-founder Josh Sharkey. “It's not just about information; it's about creating a central hub where professionals can find quality programming without the hassle of searching through endless options.”

The meez Network’s origin story

In 2022, during meez’s annual team summit, Sharkey invited renowned chef Wylie Dufresne to join him in a fireside chat, which proved to be both entertaining and educational. Encouraged by the success of this conversation, Josh recorded interviews with Mateo Kehler, Founder of Jasper Hill Farms, chef Reem Assil, and other industry professionals. Those dialogues led to the creation of “The meez Podcast.”

In addition to producing its own podcast, meez became a sponsor of others, including “Andrew Talks to Chefs,” hosted by Sharkey’s longtime friend Friedman. In time, that sponsorship led Friedman and Sharkey to develop The meez Network, expanding upon the content, style, and mission of their original podcasts with additional shows, forums, and features that maintain high standards of energy, integrity, and entertainment value.

“Over seven years of producing and hosting a podcast, I’ve watched the field become impossibly crowded from within,” says co-founder and program director Andrew Friedman. “The meez Network will serve hospitality professionals by identifying the right mix of quality content to suit their specific needs and interests.”

Featured content

To ensure a rich and diverse listening experience, The meez Podcast will continue to leverage Sharkey’s extensive industry expertise, focusing on cutting-edge culinary practices and entrepreneurial insights.

Simultaneously, "Andrew Talks to Chefs" remains dedicated to its hallmark format of in-depth biographical interviews, showcasing the personal and professional journeys of culinary luminaries.

“Our goal is to build a place for hospitality professionals to learn from each other, share stories, and connect over shared experiences and lessons,” said Sharkey. “Whether you’re looking for the latest industry news, insights into culinary practices, or just some entertaining stories, The meez Network is here to support and inspire you.”

Beyond its flagship shows, The meez Network’s inaugural podcast line-up includes: 

  • Industry Only at the Cheese Store: The private tasting room at The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills is a hub for celebrating food, drink, and community while discussing the hospitality industry. Store owner Dominick DiBartolomeo and Industry Only founder Andy Wang host conversations about running award-winning kitchens, creating famous dishes, and the impossibility of securing last-minute reservations.
  • Restaurant Unstoppable: Hosted by Eric Cacciatore, provides a platform for successful restaurateurs and culinary professionals to share invaluable tips and insights aimed at empowering aspiring and established restaurant owners alike, fostering a community of unstoppable culinary excellence.
  • The Simmer: Hosted by industry veterans Kristen Hawley, Founder of Expedite, and Brandon Barton, CEO of Bite, delves into cutting-edge topics in restaurant technology and the future of hospitality. This podcast features insightful interviews with thought leaders in the industry, offering deep dives into emerging trends and innovations.

What's next?

The pair look forward to introducing new shows and expanding the network to include articles, videos, and more, all handpicked to enrich knowledge and inspire creativity. The aim is to curate a diverse mix of subjects, hosts, and guests that authentically represent how expansive the industry community is in real life.

“We want The meez Network to be the place you go to find solutions, distractions, and laugh,” said Friedman. “It's a virtual alley outside the kitchen door where you can congregate for a break or a huddle before or after service. In time, we hope for it to become a place where you share information, post jobs, commiserate, and trade tips.”

All pre-existing shows that are part of The meez Network will continue to be available individually on major podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher. Subscribe now to stay up-to-date with the latest episodes.

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