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The Evolution of a Dish:

Now Available in meez: Menu Building, Costing, and Engineering

We’re thrilled to share groundbreaking news with you today. After two and a half years of relentless dedication, we're unveiling our most significant product release of the year - Menus.

Don’t wait for reports to see how well your menus perform.  Now you can use your entire recipe and ingredient database to build, cost, and effortlessly engineer profitable menus, seeing the impact of every change to your bottom line in real-time. 

Build-your-own a la carte menus, cocktail menus, wine menus, catering menus, and more!

What's Menu Building?

With Menus, you can add any recipe and ingredient to a menu item, whether it's crafting a la carte masterpieces, designing tantalizing tasting menus, or curating the perfect wine and cocktail selections. The possibilities are as diverse as your culinary imagination.

Menu Sorting and Analyzing Like Never Before

But that's not all. With Menus, you can sort your menus by:

  • Categories
  • Sections
  • Quantity sold
  • Food cost
  • Profit margin
  • Gross Profit
  • Percentage of Sales 

Identify outliers and discover opportunities with ease. And here's where it gets exciting—we've incorporated a feature that allows you to see the cost of your menu at every location. 

The Heart of Menus: Impact Button

Now, let's talk about the heartbeat of Menus—the Track Variance (or Impact) button. With just a click, you can witness the direct impact of every change you make to your menu. It's not just about historical reports; it's about real-time adjustments and understanding the future impact on profit margin, revenue, and menu costs.

Let’s illustrate with a real life example. Suppose your patrons adore your mushroom burger but think it's a tad too cheesy. A minor tweak from 2 ounces to 1.75 ounces of cheese, and viola! You've increased profit by $550 in the next two weeks. And that's just the beginning. You can update the selling price from $30 to $31 and see how it will increase and profit, while keeping a low food cost

Menus also makes it easier than ever to explore new deals on ingredients and orchestrate contests with servers to push items with a low food cost. Both are within your control and easy to keep track of with Menus.

Sales Data Import

Our menu feature also includes the ability to seamlessly import CSV or Excel sales reports from POS systems directly into a meez menu. This import functionality updates quantities sold and average selling prices for matching menu items. Moreover, new items in the report are automatically created as new menu items, simplifying menu creation for meez customers.

How It Works:

To import your sales data, go to your menu and click “Import Sales Data”.

Select the file you want to import, verify that the data looks as expected, and you are all set.

We will use the imported data to calculate and set your menu items “Sell Price” and “QTY Sold”. This will also create new menu items that were introduced in the file you imported and add those to your menu.

Why Menus Matters

Running a restaurant is undoubtedly challenging, and at meez, we believe that the key to helping you make more money is by lowering your theoretical food costs. While finding cost-effective ingredients is essential, Menus goes beyond that. It empowers you to maintain super delicious, super consistent menus while providing the data and insights needed to create more profitable menus.

What’s next?

Menus by meez is just one way to see a report of what happened a month ago, a quarter ago, a year ago. And this is only the beginning. We want to hear from you—your feedback, ideas, and suggestions are invaluable. Menus is a living, evolving product, and your input will shape its future. Menus is not just a product; it's a culinary revolution. 

Your journey to more profitable menus starts today. To experience the magic of Menus firsthand, take a tour or request a demo.

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