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The Chef Radio Podcast: Josh Sharkey Chef, Entrepreneur and Founder of meez

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We are excited to be sharing an episode from The Chef Radio Podcast with Eli Kulp where our CEO, Josh Sharkey appeared as a guest. We hope you enjoy Josh and Eli's conversation and stay tuned for Season 2 of The meez Podcast airing in January of 2024!

"Josh Sharkey trained under some incredible, generational chef talent, like David Bouley, like Indian super star chef, Floyd Cardoz, and the Great Gray Kunz, and in doing so, he built up his repertoire and his résumé, so no matter what he did, he would be successful. But after working for these industry titans, he found himself on a new mission. It was after he lost an important notebook that was chock-full of recipes and techniques that he had been taught over the years that he came up with the idea of developing software where no recipe, no technique, or learned knowledge will ever go missing again because someone lost their notebook.

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What We Cover

  • After Josh's father passed when he was just a teenager, he began cooking for his family
  • Training as a chef in Oslo with Chef Terje Ness at Oro
  • Eating donkey in Piedmont
  • Working with Chef Floyd Cardoz at Tabla and why it was a dream kitchen
  • Cooking with headlamps during the NYC blackout of 2003
  • Working with Chef David Bouley at the restaurant's height
  • Why working in Café Gray, with Chef Gray Kunz, was so instrumental in Josh's upbringing
  • The perfection that is the Kunz spoon
  • Josh’s first foray into entrepreneurship with Bark Hotdogs
  • No matter how good your product is, you have to be able to tell a story with your food
  • The moment he came up with the concept of his recipe company, MEEZ
  • Why MEEZ is an incredibly powerful tool for kitchens
  • How they painstakingly converted product yields into the software
  • The ease of training your teams when using MEEZ
  • Why building MEEZ has given him more fulfillment than his career in the kitchen

A huge shout out to our sponsors, Maxwell McKenney and Singer Equipment, for their unwavering support, which allows us to be able to bring these conversations to you. Check out their websites for all the amazing equipment they can supply your restaurant with to make your team more efficient and successful.

Welcome to our newest sponsor, Meez, which is one of the most powerful tools you can have as a cook and chef because it allows you to have a free repository for all of your recipes, techniques and methods so that you never lose them. Meez does way more than just recipe development though, it's an incredibly powerful tool that any chef or restaurant would benefit from."


[00:00:00] Josh Sharkey:

Hey, listeners, while we're in between season one and season two, we will be sharing a few episodes from other podcasts that we love that I joined as a guest. Uh, this one is with chef Eli Kulp on his show, The Chef Radio podcast, a really great show. Eli was also a guest on the meez podcast earlier this year, and it's been really awesome to get to know him over the past year, both, uh, as guests on each other's shows and just generally over calls catching up.


Uh, and speaking of guests, if there's anyone that you'd love to hear on the meez podcast in the future, or just topics that you'd like to hear more about, uh, shoot me a DM on LinkedIn or Instagram anyways, thanks so much. And as always enjoy the show.

[00:00:44] Eli Kulp:

Who you work for matters. It matters for a lot of reasons. It matters because the ones who teach you early on in your career will have a lasting impact on how your career will go. If you work for dirty chefs, you'll probably become a dirty chef. It's just a fact. If you work for chefs who have high standards, meticulous eye for details, and are great leaders, then you'll probably have some of that in you.


Just like children, cooks are a product of their environment, and it's hard to have a certain standard if you've never worked in that standard. Sure, this is a blanket statement, and there are plenty of examples of students who have ascended beyond their teachers, but in general, this statement really sticks.


But there are some other reasons. One of which is, if you have high achieving chefs on your resume, then it's more likely that it's going to open doors for you as you progress through your career than if you have a resume full of mediocre chefs and restaurants that no one's ever heard about. It's also more likely to get people to trust you quicker once you have your own restaurant, because they see the respectable chefs and restaurants that you've worked for.


Whether it's your future staff or your future customers, if you have recognizable, well respected chefs and restaurants on your resume, it's more likely that you're going to be successful in hiring high quality employees and getting excited customers in your seats. Our guest today, Josh Sharkey, worked for some incredible generational talent, the likes of David Bouley, Indian superstar chef Floyd Cardoz, and the great Greg Kunz.

[00:02:06] Eli Kulp:

And he built up his repertoire and his resume so no matter what he did, he would be successful at it. But after working for these industry titans, he found himself on a new mission. It was after he lost an important notebook that was chock full of recipes and techniques that he had been taught over the years, that he came up with the idea of developing software where no recipe, no technique, or no learned knowledge will ever go missing again because somebody loses their notebook.


In fact, it was that experience of losing his notebook full of information that he worked so hard to attain that made him really motivated to create the world's best platform for chefs and restaurants, which he calls meez. And if you listen to the podcast, the last few episodes, you've probably come across the ad spot for me's, which was created by Josh.


Who after years of R&D has come up with an incredibly important tool that any cook or chef should have in their back pocket. And what you're going to hear today is the story of going from an unlikely cook to being a chef in some of the world's best kitchens. And why he felt it was so important to develop this incredibly powerful tool.


So hang tight, we have a great episode for you today. Chock full of storytelling and all sorts of fun little tidbits that you're not going to want to miss.

[00:03:27] Eli Kulp:

Okay, everybody. Welcome back to the Chef Radio podcast, America's number one chef driven podcast. If you've joined us before, welcome back to Chef Radio. If it's your first time, welcome to the family. I really appreciate that you've decided to spend some time. with us today. Chef Radio is a podcast that's built for culinary professionals just like you who are working hard to one day leave your mark on our amazing industry and who crave insight into the minds of leading chefs.

[00:03:53] Eli Kulp:

I'm Eli Kulp, co founder of High Street Hospitality Group based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and I've had the privilege of working in this incredible industry for a long time now. I wouldn't change it for a thing because what this industry can give you If you work hard and push yourself to constantly improve by learning and listening is a fulfillment that few careers can give you.


And maybe you're listening to this while you're picking a couple quarts of parsley, or maybe you're sharpening your knives. I hope that each time you listen to one of these journeys, you become more knowledgeable, more thoughtful, and a better leader than you were before you press the play button. All right, so now's the time.

[00:04:26] Eli Kulp: Let's get into it. Without further ado, meet Josh Sharkey, founder of meez. Josh, it's great to have you on the show. Welcome to Chef Radio.

[00:04:40] Josh Sharkey:

Good to be here Eli.

[00:04:42] Eli Kulp:

How are you today? Yeah, I see you've got a nice brick background there. Looks like you're outside, maybe? On this joyous day?

[00:04:52] Josh Sharkey:

Well, it is beautiful. My lilac tree just started blooming, but, uh, I'm actually inside. This is, uh, this stone wall because my house was built in the 30s.

[00:05:02] Josh Sharkey:

And, uh, we live kind of in the forest. And, uh, so one part of my house is all this stone.

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