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The Evolution of a Dish:

Introducing Intelligent Text Entry

One of the founding principles of the meez tech, and a goal we continually strive to reach, is for recipe entry to feel like you're writing in your notebook, but perform like the most incredible spreadsheet built specifically to the needs of recipe management. Recipe creation should be a creative and free flowing process. But we all know that it also requires a lot of formatting, costing, scaling, etc.

The meez team will never stop striving for that perfect balance, but we can now say we are certainly one step closer! After months of testing, we have released v1 of the 'Intelligent Text Entry' functionality in the meez app!

What the heck does Intelligent Text Entry mean?  

Well, most importantly it means we're conforming to how you type, and not the other way around.

For example, no matter if you add 'half cup double zero flour'  or '1/2c 00 Flour' - meez knows what you need, and formats that ingredient with it's conversion from cup to grams for you! No setup beforehand, just type it in!

And we even recognize the difference between most raw ingredients and a prep action you might take on them! For instance, if you add '1/4cup shredded iceberg' - we know it's 'Iceberg' and that you'll be shredding it, so we'll also update the yield loss and conversion from cup to grams. It's all customizable too (and yes, if you happen to buy pre-shredded iceberg you can update that).

Why is this so important?

besides the fact that it's just more fun to know you can type what you want and still get the results you need... here's why:

1. Speed!

What might take you 10min in another, or 10 days in an inventory system, should take you 2min in meez! Just start typing in a recipe to access the meez ingredient database. And create sub-recipes as you go.

2. Laser Accurate Costs!

meez has built in yields and conversions for thousands of ingredients, so you get the right cost right away. No matter if you're buying that Iceberg lettuce by the head, and using it by the cup or gram or any unit you want, meez can calculate for you.

3. Flexibility

Create your recipe in grams or which ever unit you like, then accurately convert to volume or any other unit with one click!

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