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meez announces partnership with Restaurant365

We’re excited to announce our official partnership with the culinary industry’s leading cloud-based ERP system Restaurant365

Primarily built as a back-of-office tool, Restaurant365 helps restaurant operators manage day-to-day inventory, accounting, scheduling, HR, and payroll. 

By partnering with meez, Restaurant365 customers can digitize every aspect of their recipe workflow – from ideation, execution to iteration – and connect the creation and management of recipes with the multiple business functions they affect. 

Restaurants and food and beverage companies, including RMD Group, Beatnic, Cal Wink and 5 Napkin, have used Restaurant365 and meez together to:

  • Have more control over their recipe costs
  • Get a clearer picture of their business expenses in significantly less time
  • Execute more efficiently and consistently
  • Make better decisions about their recipes and menus

How does the Restaurant365 partnership work?

Restaurant365’s partnership with meez does two things for your kitchen: Purchase Feed and Recipe Feed

Purchase Feed explained

Powered by DineTech, Purchase Feed extracts purchase data from your Restaurant365 account and passes it to meez. To access Purchase Feed, simply set up Manager Access in meez to your Restaurant365 account (learn how to manage access here). 

Once you import purchase items from Restaurant365 into meez, they map to ingredients in your meez account, allowing the costs of your recipes to reflect the exact costs seen in Restaurant365.

Recipe Feed explained

With Recipe Feed, data from meez is passed into Restaurant365 via DineTech. For this to work, Purchase Feed and ongoing access to your Restaurant365 account is required.

To generate accurate recipe costs, you must: have all recipe ingredients in meez mapped to Restaurant365 items, add yields, units of measures and equivalents to every ingredient in a recipe, and delete or rename recipes already in your Restaurant365 account. This tells both sides exactly which ones you are using

How long does it take to set up each type of feed?

  • Purchase Feed with meez can be set up in as little as 5 business days. 
  • Recipe Feed with meez can be set up immediately after the Purchase Feed and mapping process are complete. If you have recipes in your meez account, recipe data can be imported into Restaurant365 that same week (on Friday).
Have questions about Restaurant365 and meez?

Have questions about Restaurant365 and meez?

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