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meez announces partnership with GoTab

We’re excited to announce our official partnership with the culinary industry’s leading restaurant commerce platform GoTab.

From batch ordering, flexible routing, and two way text communication, GoTab’s one-of-its-kind kitchen display system (KDS) helps restaurant operators increase speed of service by giving them a birds-eye view of all incoming orders. 

Through this integration partnership, GoTab customers can take operational efficiency even further by solving common back of house and front of house pain points. Now it only takes one click to pull up a dynamic scalable recipe powered by meez on the GoTab KDS.

By having a single source of truth for recipe content, operators can get accurate food costs, reduce food waste, make better menu decisions, and improve quality and consistency.

How does meez and GoTab help kitchen operators?

Reduce staff turnover

Staff turnover is a burden to restaurants and limits growth, costing restaurants productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction. Training team members not only costs you double because tenured employees are forced to step off the line, but dish consistency suffers, resulting in fewer returning customers and business decline. 

Providing the right tools (meez + GoTab), you can reduce staff turnover and ramp up new employees much faster. By turning your recipes into interactive training materials, you can increase job satisfaction and expand your hiring pool by reducing the prior knowledge required to join.

Get accurate food costs

It’s difficult to accurately cost recipes with ingredient prices changing daily or weekly. Costing spreadsheets are usually neither precise nor up-to-date. But with GoTab and meez, food costs are laser accurate, accounting for yields, prep loss, and units of measure. 

Calculating portion cost, food cost percentage, and profit per recipe is straightforward. Connecting invoices to products is also quick and easy, allowing you to see ingredient costs change as the prices do.

Cut down on food waste

Forecasting dish demand and batching recipes can be difficult to do when managing multiple locations. Simply guessing how much food needs to be made for several days can lead to unnecessary food and labor waste. 

With meez and GoTab, you can make precisely the right amount of food every time. Scaling is no longer an issue because recipes become dynamic, allowing you to scale recipes to the exact demand needed even if you are low on an ingredient.

Maintain service and dish consistency

Delivering the same quality for both new and everyday items can be a challenge for staff. Keeping your team in the know of any changes you’ve made to an established recipe can also be a hassle. 

With meez and GoTab, it’s much easier to stay in sync and share recipes or preparation tips. You can ensure the line is prepared correctly, whether you’ve simply updated a recipe or introduced a new or seasonal menu item.

Speed up long ticket items 

Labor-intensive and/or high ingredient count recipes take longer to make and are harder to memorize through repetition. This can lead to long ticket times and longer turns in the front of the house. 

But with meez and GoTab, operators aid staff with readily available recipe photos, videos, and written instructions, ensuring maximum efficiency in turning out orders. This ultimately strengthens team camaraderie by eliminating conflict over inconsistent processes and results.

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