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Ellen Cassidy on the Power of Information Retention

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#57. In this episode, we sit down with Ellen Cassidy, the founder of Elemental Prep, a company that teaches people how to retain information. Ellen shares her innovative process of information retention, which involves reading, translating, and quipping. She explains how to code information with emotions by intoning the words as you say them, translating the information in your own words, and creating a conversation with what you read.

This process helps people retain information and make it their own. The episode also touches on Ellen's background and her journey to creating Elemental Prep. Ellen discusses the power of effective note-taking and the importance of translating information into one's own words. She shares her personal experience with note-taking and how it helps her remember and understand information.

Ellen also talks about the value of indexing advice and using intuition to make decisions. She highlights the need for trust in relationships and the challenges of managing a growing team. Ellen ends with sharing her vision for the future, including expanding her tutoring business and developing a tech platform for asynchronous learning.

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What We Cover

(08:32): Growing up and handling trauma

(15:35): The process of retaining information

(31:09): The community and future of elemental prep

(40:08): Faster with less effort

(41:31): Good way to index advice

(43:55): Portfolia and investment

(46:20): What makes you angry?

(48:49): The importance of trust in relationships

(56:49): A vision for the future: expanding the tutoring business and developing a tech platform


[00:00:00] Josh Sharkey:

You're listening to season two of The meez Podcast. I'm your host, Josh Sharkey, the founder and CEO of meez, a culinary operating system for food professionals. On the show, we're going to talk to high performers in the food business, everything from chefs to CEOs, technologists, writers, investors, and more about how they innovate.

[00:00:19] Josh Sharkey:

And operate and how they consistently execute at a high level day after day. And I would really love it if you could drop us a five star review anywhere that you listen to your podcast. That could be Apple, that could be Spotify, could be Google. I'm not picky Anywhere works, but I really appreciate the support and as always, I hope you enjoy the show.

[00:00:40] Josh Sharkey:

Today's show is a little bit of a divergence from what you typically hear, except it's also not in that it's about learning and creating an innovation. Our guest today is Ellen Cassidy. She's the founder of Elemental Prep. Well, it's actually a company that teaches folks how to take the LSAT. I know you're probably thinking, why the heck do I have someone on the podcast who teaches the LSAT?


Well, I met Ellen through this CEO group that I'm a part of, and I heard her helping folks with this problem. A problem that I had also sort of posed to the group of, hey, how do you remember things? I read books all the time, and I so often forget things that I have to reread these books over And over and over and Ellen started talking about what she does.


And although what she does on the surface is teach the LSATs, she's really invented this creative and innovative way to retain information. And we're going to talk about very tactically how that works today. I also learned a lot more about her background in prep for this podcast, which is pretty incredible story.


She's a Stanford grad turned down Harvard law many times, but from a background that you would never expect to be in the realm of that. And of course, like many has gone through many struggles to get where she is today. But generally speaking, you know, we spend most of the time talking about this process of what I call information retention.


And it's sort of these few steps that she'll talk about in much better clarity that I do, which is essentially the translating the thing that you learn to yourself, quipping, which is kind of creating sort of an analogy or. Your way of putting spin on it. And then the intonation in which you say that among many other things, but really it's a way to help you remember what you learn.


And I thought that everyone would get a ton of value from hearing from Ellen and hearing how this process works, because if you're like me, you love to learn, you love to learn new things. And. What sucks is when you forget the new things that you learned. So hopefully this helps everybody remember a little bit more of what you learned and not just remember, but actually retain and be able to index that and go back to it later.


So I had a blast. I think that everyone, no matter if you're a chef or a restaurant owner, Mixologist or anybody listening to this show you will get a lot of value out of it You should definitely check out her website and just follow her and she at some point will be working on just a more global Solution that is directed towards just generally retaining information, but you can learn a lot just by you know reading her book as well, which we talked about in the show.


So I learned a lot I always love catching up with Ellen. So this was just a great opportunity to chat again. And as always I hope that you enjoy the conversation as much as I do.


I am damn excited to have you here. Really? Oh,

[00:03:43] Ellen Cassidy:

I'm excited to be here. I got, I was so flattered to be asked. I was like, Ooh, yeah.

[00:03:48] Josh Sharkey:

And I've been looking forward to this for a while because, you know, and obviously our audience is, you know, restaurants, chefs, food, hospitality, restaurant tech, maybe some like food investors, that kind of thing.


Yeah. And so when they see this, we're like, why the heck do you have an LSAT, uh, teacher on here?

[00:04:08] Ellen Cassidy:  I'm a reading


[00:04:09] Josh Sharkey:

And, you know, for me, like, if you replace, you know, LSAT with information retention. Yeah. That's, that's what I, the first time I met you, I was like, holy shit. Like, she's teaching people how to retain information.


Yeah. And that's something that is really, like, Selfishly, I'm like, okay, I'm just going to do this again. I mean, basically we're just going to have part of our same conversation from last time, plus some more, and we'll get a little more personal, because why not? So I can selfishly learn more about that.


But, you know, for context, for everybody that's listening, like, I saw you on some sort of thread in this, like, what do you, what do we call this, like a mastermind CEO group thing that we're in?

[00:04:48] Ellen Cassidy:

A CEO group. I mean, it's Hampton. We could say Hampton, right?

[00:04:52] Josh Sharkey:

It's great, but I saw you, and I was like, I saw you answering something, and I was like, Oh my gosh, I want to learn about that, because, and I said this to you, I read all the time, but I end up reading the same book, like, five or six times, because I'm like, Fuck, I forgot half of these things, and you've already helped me a bunch, and like, so I, I do, do some of this already, like the, you know, translation and equipping, which we're gonna, which we're gonna talk about.

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