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Chef Wylie Dufresne - Q&A, Peristaltic Pumps, American Cheese, & Being Nice

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Welcome to part two of my fireside chat with Chef Wylie Dufresne. If you didn't check out part one, we recommend having to listen to that first.

We had the pleasure of hosting a conversation with Wylie at Tarrytown Estates, located just outside of New York City, for our annual meez team summit. During our gathering, Chef Wylie generously devoted some of his time to speak with us.

In part two, host and CEO/Founder of meez, Josh Sharkey, finishes the chat with some not-so-quick-fire questions, the inspiration behind Stretch Pizza, and some Q&A from the audience. 

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What We Cover

(2:13) Lightning round 

(7:15) Why American cheese is so good

(11:37) Funny moments at wd~50

(18:00) Du’s Donuts flavor hits and misses

(19:16) Why pizza saved Wylie 

(24:35) How to identify talent

(26:37) When it’s time to stop iterating

(28:17) Is imitation really the greatest form of flattery

(31:00 ) What wd~50 was all about

(32:50) When to take a pause on ideation

(35:41) Innovating on equipment and ingredients


Josh Sharkey [00:00:00]: 

Welcome to the meez podcast. I'm your host, Josh Sharkey, the founder and CEO of meez, the culinary operating system for food professionals. On the show, I'll be interviewing world-class entrepreneurs in the food space that are shifting the paradigm of how we innovate and operate in our industry. Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy the show.


Welcome to part two of my fireside chat with Chef Wylie Dufresne. If you didn't check out part one, I recommend having to listen to that. In part two, we finished our chat with some not-so-quick-fire questions and some inspiring Q&A from the audience. We had a ton of fun and learned a lot, and I think you will too. Hope you enjoy!


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We have a lot of questions from the audience and I want to get to those. So I'm gonna skip a couple of things. I'm gonna jump to a little quickfire. Okay. And then after that, we're going to do a bunch of Q&A I'll read some of you guys' questions and then also I can pass the mic around for anybody that wants to ask.


We're in New York. So is it bagels toasted or untoasted?

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